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Algorithmic Trading, Trading Robots

Algorithmic or automated trading is making buy and sell operations in the financial markets using special trading robots. In the trading platform, these programs are also called Expert Advisors or EAs.

Algorithmic trading

Trading robots undertake price analysis based on preset algorithms, decision-making and, as a result, execution of trading operations in the market.

Trading robots are widely used in financial trading, and the share of automated operations relative to manual trading is constantly growing. A computer program has a variety of advantages:

  • It never gets tired
  • It is not susceptible to stress
  • It strictly follows a preselected algorithm
  • It rapidly responds to market changes.

A special branch of algorithmic trading includes high frequency trading (HFT). As the name implies, trade operations are carried out at a high speed and frequency. The trading platform provides all the necessary tools for that:

  • Fast and efficient trading robots programming language MQL5
  • Orders are sent from the platform and processed on the trade server with a minimum delay
  • Renting a virtual platform close to a broker to minimize network delays

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