MetaTrader 5 becomes more popular than MetaTrader 4 among brokers

MetaTrader 5 has become the most popular trading platform. The number of companies using MetaTrader 5 has exceeded the ones using MetaTrader 4 in June 2021

7 June 2021

MetaTrader 5 becomes more popular than MetaTrader 4 among brokers

MetaTrader 5 has become the most popular trading platform. The number of companies using MetaTrader 5 has exceeded the ones using MetaTrader 4 in June 2021. This is an expected result since the trading platform is constantly evolving, becoming even more powerful. For instance, the amount of MetaTrader 5 code has already reached 7 million lines, while the previous version had only 2 million.

Most of our clients are practical people who work in a saturated and aggressive market. They need reliable tools which yield consistent and predictable results. Today we received another confirmation that MetaTrader 5 has already earned the trust of brokers and has become a tool which helps in solving any business task, quickly and efficiently. Companies using MetaTrader 5 always meet the current market requirements since we constantly monitor changes in the industry, and we introduce new technologically advanced features. The contribution of users to the platform development is worth mentioning. Many updates and improvements have appeared thanks to your requests. Thank you for your constant support, input and efforts.

Our team is continuously looking for solutions which will make your work even easier and more convenient. Currently, we are planning many important and useful updates. Order MetaTrader 5 trading platform — use the most advanced technological solutions and rely on MetaQuotes long-term expertise to achieve the best results.

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