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Request Execution

In the Request Execution mode, prior to performing a trade operation, execution price is requested from a broker.

Position Opening

Fill out the following fields:

  • Symbol – the symbol for which a trade operation should be executed. To change the symbol, tap on Symbols.
  • Volume – volume of an order in lots. To change the volume, use side buttons or click on the field to enter the value manually.
  • Trade operation type – select the appropriate item for the "Request Execution" mode. In this field you can also switch to placing a pending order.

An order in the Request Execution mode

  • SL – the Stop Loss level in prices. If you leave this field empty, this type of order will not be set.
  • TP – the Take Profit level in prices. If you leave this field empty, this type of order will not be set.

Parameters of the order can be changed only before you request prices. After the request is done, a trader can only place an order with the pre-set parameters.

To receive prices, tap "Request". After that "Buy" and "Sell" buttons will appear in the window. The quotes offered after a request are valid for only a few seconds. If during this time, the trader does not decided, then "Buy" and "Sell" buttons will be hidden again.

If incorrect Stop Loss and Take Profit are specified in an order, a warning "Invalid S/L or T/P" appears after you tap the Buy or Sell button and the order is not accepted.

Close position

Position Closing

In order to close the position you need to tap "Close position" in its context menu on the "Trade" tab. In the window that appears you also need to tap "Request". After that the Close button appears in the window.

When you tap this button, the position is completely closed at the requested price. Please note that the close button also remains available for a few seconds, during which a trader must make a decision.