Order the MetaTrader 5 Trading Platform

A flexible licensing policy for the seamless start of your brokerage business

Starting a brokerage business with MetaTrader 5 is a fast and easy procedure. With this full-featured complete-cycle platform, you can organize brokerage services with no additional software.

The platform is available in three different options, and you can choose the one that best suits your business model and plans for the dynamic business growth. 

A flexible licensing policy for the seamless start of your brokerage business


You independently deploy our software on your own hardware, as well as maintain your server infrastructure and fully control support and administration.

We do not offer SaaS or other similar solutions which would permit even partial external management or third-party control over your company's operations, and thus we have no access to your servers, accounts, or your clients' trading history.


The Entry license is a fully functional system delivery plan which is suitable for both start-up and small companies. The license provides business capacity of 1,000 real accounts. The main trade server provides high-performance capability to effectively service both: real and demo accounts.


The Standard license offers 25,000 default real accounts capacity reserve for your current business needs, enough to support dynamic business growth. Trade servers enable you to gain distributed trades processing capacity.

This license type allows you to organize your business core in distributed way within one system for higher business flexibility, productivity, performance and reliability.

The Standard License is a cost-efficient standard system delivery plan that would effectively surpass the current and long-term future business capacity needs for the majority of established medium-to-large size companies.


The Enterprise license is a cost-effective ultimate system configuration plan with a power-pack of 200,000 default real accounts capacity reserve. This configuration plan is ready to fire-up the most demanding heavy-duty business capacity requirements, and includes a complete set of all available system components, together with a set of high-performance trade servers. The Enterprise license delivers massive scaling and distributed trades processing power within one system to support all business operations.

This solution is ideal for large established institutions such as banks and liquidity providers operating on multiple markets and serving very large and diverse client-base.