15 十一月 2013

MetaTrader 5 iOS Features New Chat, Improved Charts and Expanded iPad Version

The new version of MetaTrader 5 iOS now features significantly revised charts and depth of the market, updated chat, as well as News and Mailbox tabs. The number of timeframes has also been increased - traders can now use week and month time intervals.

We have revamped the application turning it into an even more convenient trading tool. Trading, analytics, financial news, email correspondence and communication with colleagues in a secure chat - all that is available now.

News in MetaTrader 5 for iOS     Depth of Market in MetaTrader 5 for iPad and iPhone

It has now become much easier to use charts in the mobile platform. The new build now presents significantly accelerated rendering, inertial scrolling and increased number of scaling steps. Also, users can now change the chart color scheme. In addition, quick edit mode has been implemented. It allows traders to re-size, move and delete indicator windows directly from a chart. To enter the mode, press and hold the tap on the chart.

MetaTrader 5 iOS chat has also undergone significant changes. The message limit has been increased up to 1000 characters and login auto-complete function when searching for a contact has been added. Also, it is now possible to register and log in to directly from the mobile application.

Quick Edit Mode     Register in Directly From The Mobile Application

Besides, the new iPad version now provides the entire functionality of the iPhone application, as well as some additional features:

  • Displaying up to four charts having individual settings
  • Various options for arranging chart windows
  • Handy Toolbox window with adjustable height to display orders, trade history, emails, news and journal
  • One click trading from chart
  • Quick navigation to the close and modification dialogs by tapping position or order.

Expanded iPad Version of MetaTrader 5

Try the new features of mobile MetaTrader 5 on your iPhone or iPad right now. Download our application from the App Store!

9 十月 2013

Statistics and Progress of Sales of Products in MetaTrader AppStore — Track Your Results!

MetaTrader AppStore now features extended sales data. Now, the AppStore sellers have access to the visual sales statistics both for all their products and for each application separately. Please note that this data is only available to a product developer. AppStore visitors, as well as other sellers are not able to view it.

MetaTrader AppStore: Statistics and Progress of Sales of Products

Statistics display the amount of downloads of commercial products' for both free and demo versions. You can also see the number of sold applications and obtained net profit in credits (1 credit is equal to 1 USD). All this data is available for different periods of time: last month, last year or since the launch of MetaTrader AppStore. All values are automatically recalculated as soon as the required period is selected.

Besides, you can view the progress of sales determined by a buyer's IP address. The interactive world map displays the purchasers' countries using different levels of color saturation - countries colored in dark green have the largest number of buyers. All the parameters mentioned above can be viewed in general and for each product individually.

Overall statistics on all your products can be found in the Seller tab of your profile.

MetaTrader AppStore: Overall Statistics of a Seller

To view statistics on a particular product, open the Statistics tab in your product's profile.

MetaTrader AppStore: Statistics on a Particular Product

Additionally, the functionality of exporting statistics into an Excel format for further processing will be added soon. We hope that this information, as well as quarterly sales reports will help you to find your place in MetaTrader AppStore and select the appropriate sales strategy.

Promote your products, use an affiliate program and track your sales through the Statistics tab!

8 十月 2013

Fifty Articles Published on Chinese

We have recently launched the Chinese version of website. First of all, we have translated Documentation section, the entire website interface and we have also started working on Articles section. Within two months, we have increased the number of articles translated into Chinese up to 50 ones. As a result, our website now provides truly unique information that cannot be found on other web resources!

Fifty Articles Published on Chinese

Evaluation of trading systems, testing and optimizing Expert Advisors, ordering trading robots via Jobs freelance service, speeding up calculations with MQL5 Cloud Network - all this information is available in Chinese now.

4 十月 2013

MetaQuotes — Add Our Company's Official Channel to Friends

Following our strategy of socialization, we have decided to create the official channel of our company - MetaQuotes Software Corp. We will publish all the news of our company, both official and otherwise, on this account. Here you can not only know about new events in our life, but also leave your comments on them.

MetaQuotes - Add Our Company's Official Channel to Friends

New social functions of our community have also turned out to be very useful, as they provide convenient access to our messages. First, you can simply enter the account's profile to find out what we are currently working on and what we have achieved. Second, the same data can be accessed directly via your News Feed if you add MetaQuotes account to friends. In this case, the messages can be discussed right in your Feed.

Enter our account, read the news and comment on them or add MetaQuotes account to friends and discuss the news right in your News Feed!

2 十月 2013

MetaTrader AppStore Results for Q3 2013

Another quarter of the year has passed and we have decided to sum up its results for MetaTrader AppStore - the largest store of trading robots and technical indicators for MetaTrader platforms.

First of all, AppStore for MetaTrader 4 has been released in beta mode and the final version is to be launched soon. However, trading robot developers can already publish their MQL4 applications there. More than 200 programs have already passed the tests. They will be available for traders immediately after MetaTrader 4 Market is launched.

More than 500 developers have placed over 1 200 products in MetaTrader AppStore by the end of the reported quarter. This exceeds the previous quarter results by one third. The largest share among the published applications is occupied by trading robots (45% of the total number of products) and technical indicators (34%). AppStore visitors can also purchase panels, analyzers and various utilities to expand the possibilities of their trading platform.

MetaTrader Market: Range of Applications for MetaTrader 4/5

Along with the increase in the number of developers and products, the number of traders actively using the Market is also growing. The milestone of 150 000 downloads of trading robots and technical indicators has been reached in the third quarter. This number includes installations of free and commercial product versions since the launch of AppStore. The breakpoint of 100 000 downloads has also been passed just a little while ago - in the second quarter of this year.

MetaTrader Market: Downloads of customer indicators and robots for MetaTrader 4/5


The sales of MetaTrader AppStore commercial products maintain a high growth rate (increased by 33% comparing with the previous quarter) and steadily increase in proportion with the number of downloads. This can be explained with the influx of new visitors to the AppStore and growing number of resales to the current clients - over 36% of buyers have purchased two or more AppStore products (+2% comparing with Q2 2013).

The third quarter has not brought any significant changes to the structure of sales by product categories. Technical indicators are still the most popular products in quantitative terms (45% of total products bought). Trading robots run a close second (41%). Panels occupy the third place with 6%.

MetaTrader Market: Number of trading robots and indicators sold by category

In monetary terms, trading robots (Expert Advisors) leave all other product types far behind. This product category occupies 85% in MetaTrader AppStore's total turnover. Trading robots are followed by indicators (9%) and panels (5%).

MetaTrader Market: Sales volume of forex robots and technical indicators for financial markets

MetaTrader AppStore TOP-10 Sellers

We have again prepared the list of TOP-10 Market sellers summarizing the results of Q3 2013. The list includes the best of 500 developers of trading robots and technical indicators with the highest sales volumes for the reported period.

TOP-10 MetaTrader AppStore sellers (Q3 2013):

  1. arnbober (Arnold Bobrinskiy) - new on the top list
  2. johnnypasado (Jeremy Scott)
  3. iTC (Gennadiy Stanilevych)
  4. PzTrading (Arturo Lopez Perez) - new on the top list
  5. cameuh (Camille Huot) - new on the top list
  6. DC2008 (Sergey Pavlov) - new on the top list
  7. figurelli (Rogerio Figurelli)
  8. mttruc (Mai Thanh Truc) - new on the top list
  9. song_song (Jinsong Zhang) - new on the top list

For Q3 2013, the rating has changed significantly. First, we have a new leader - the newcomer arnbober. He has provided two products for sale - trading robots of Bobra series. Both of them enjoy popularity and have good sales volumes. Second, our top list has as many as seven newcomers. They have entered the list while selling various products: trading robots, technical indicators, analyzers and utilities. For example, a seller DC2008 sells only Analyzers.

The total sales of the TOP-10 sellers have comprised 39% of the overall amount of programs sold in Q3 2013. This is 4% less than in Q which can be explained by the growing number of sellers and sold Market applications. Our list of top sellers may change further after AppStore for MetaTrader 4 is officially launched. We will certainly follow up on this.

Prepare your MQL4/MQL5 applications for MetaTrader 4/5 and sell them on the multi-million market.

30 九月 2013

Video tutorial: MetaTrader Signals Service

Trading Signals - it's a convenient and easy-to-use service for traders. We have already published several articles in the past, explaining how to subscribe to copy trades from more experienced traders and how to become a signal provider in our service. Due to the growing demand from trading community, in addition to the previously published text materials, we have also decided to publish a video tutorial.

In just 15 minutes, this video tutorial explains what MetaTrader Signals Service is, and demonstrates in great detail how to subscribe to trade signals and how to become a signal provider in our service. By watching this tutorial, you will be able to subscribe to any trading signal, or publish and promote your own signals in our service.

26 九月 2013

One Billion Tasks Executed with MQL5 Cloud Network!

This February, we have reported on an important milestone in the development of MQL5 Cloud Network - 500 million tasks were executed using the network capacities. Over the past six months, this figure has doubled and thousands of the network users from around the world have executed one billion tasks by September 2013!

One Billion Tasks Executed with MQL5 Cloud Network

The network's computing power is used not only in the development of trading robots, but also in scientific studies involving complex calculations. MQL5 Cloud Network joins computers for solving the tasks swiftly and distributes computing resources among them. Those, who need additional computing power, receive access to the capacities of the network users. Users receive payment for providing their computing power. 

You can view the detailed network statistics including involved countries, amount of produced work per day and distribution by CPU in Statistics section of the official MQL5 Cloud Network website.

If you have excessive computing capacity and you want to make some profit, install MetaTrader 5 Strategy Tester Agent right now and join MQL5 Cloud Network!

23 九月 2013

How to Make Money from MetaTrader AppStore and Trading Signals Services If You Are Not a Seller or a Provider

This summer we have launched a new affiliate program to help members promote their products and signals. However, it is beneficial not only for MetaTrader Market sellers and paid trading signals providers but also for common users. Now, you do not have to write Market applications on your own or sell subscription to your signals to make money on You can simply help promote these products and receive your profit share.

It is pretty simple:

  1. You place a web link/widget to MetaTrader Market application or a trading signal on any website.

  2. A user clicks you web link and buys that application or subscribes to the trading signals.

  3. The profit share set by the application's seller or the signals provider is transferred to your account.

Share the link, attract buyers and get your profit share

Now, let's examine this in more details accompanied by screenshots:

So, you have entered website and you want to make money here. You can do this by participating in the affiliate program and promoting products/signals of the community members. Select a product/signal, move to its description page and find a text block specifying a profit share in percentage terms (if a profit share is not specified, a payoff is not provided by a seller).


  2. Copy the specially generated web link from that text block

    or a widget code by clicking "Get a widget code":

    Get a Widget Code

  3. Share the copied web link via social networks, forums, blogs and your personal website

    Share the copied web link via Twitter

    Share the copied web link via Facebook

    or insert the widget code to your forum and blog messages or your website:

    Insert the Widget Code to Your Blog

  4. The main thing is done. Now, you have to wait until an interested user clicks your web link/widget and purchases the application or subscribes to the trading signals. As soon as it happens, the specified profit share is transferred to your account.

    The specified profit share is transferred to your account

    Suppose that the application's price is $100, and the seller has specified a payoff of 35% for an affiliate link. It means that you receive $35 for each buyer you attract. Let's assume that a monthly subscription to a signal costs $50 and a payoff is 10%. Then, you will receive $5 for each subscriber you attract.

As you can see, it is possible to start making money on right now without having to be a seller of Market applications or a profitable signals provider. Select the products you like and post links to them on various web resources. Attract potential customers and the profit is yours!

5 九月 2013

Trading Signals Statistics Expanded on Website

We have implemented a number of changes to Signals statistics to simplify evaluation of results. Now, you can quickly assess the trading activity of a selected signal, as the informative value of the charts has been considerably improved.

First, Growth and Balance charts now feature the vertical line dividing them in two parts - the time intervals before and after connecting the signal to the monitoring. Thus, it is possible to trace the point, at which the signal has been connected to the monitoring, and examine the differences in trading activity between these time intervals.

Second, blue and green parts of Growth and Balance charts are now interchanging at each non-trading operation (depositing or withdrawing the funds from the account). The more such interchanges you can see, the more non-trading operations have been detected on the account. View the signal's history to determine the type of each non-trading operation (depositing or withdrawal).

Third, Risks tab has been implemented. It consists of MFE (Maximum Favorable Excursion - maximum profit that could have been fixed before closing the trade) and MAE (Maximum Adverse Excursion - maximum loss detected during the trade) distribution dot diagrams. Each deal has its own potential profit (MFE) and potential loss (MAE) values displayed on the appropriate diagrams. Besides, these diagrams also display best and worst trades, maximum consecutive wins and losses, as well as maximal consecutive profit and loss.

Fourth, best and worst trading series can now also be seen on Growth and Balance charts. Just hover your mouse cursor over the necessary parameters in the table below.

With the extended statistics, traders can quickly see the results of signal's trading activity and assess their risks. This can be useful both for potential Subscribers and those who want to enable private monitoring of their accounts. Open the description of any signal on the website and try the extended statistics right now!

30 八月 2013

Eight Languages for MQL5 Reference: Now Available in Portuguese

We have recently announced that MQL5 Reference became available in Italian. With seven other languages already available, Portuguese has become the eighth language in which the information in MQL5 Reference is provided.  

Eight Languages for MQL5 Reference: Now Available in Portuguese

The MetaTrader 5 trading platform is used by traders all over the world and we are committed to making it as convenient as possible for them to work with. Seeing that it is easier and much more convenient to work with a program translated into your native language, the translation of MQL5 Reference into various languages has become one of our top-priority tasks.

Portuguese is the seventh most spoken language in the world, with around 200 million native speakers. And we are glad that the information that is necessary for developers of trading robots is now available in this language.

You can download MQL5 Reference right from MetaTrader 5 in the Documentation section or at official website.

21 八月 2013 Private Monitoring Included in Trading Signals

By popular demand of traders, we have launched the new private monitoring service. Now, while creating a new signal, you can restrict access to it, so that the entire trading statistics is visible only to you. No one else will be able to access that data or subscribe to that signal.

If you want to track the status of your accounts in private mode without revealing the details of your trading strategy, then the private monitoring is what you need!

Private Monitoring Included in Trading Signals

Of course, you can allow access to your trading signal at any time. You do not have to provide your personal data when creating a private signal, as it is not intended for sale. Therefore, any user can connect the private monitoring to his or her account right now!

Another piece of good news: Growth tab has been updated in the signal's statistics. Now, it additionally shows the growth of funds for the specified time interval - month or year. This allows a more detailed assessment of the signal's reliability in trading. Thus, you can immediately determine how successful the Signals Provider was during a particular month or year.

Growth Tab

But that is not all. In the near future, users of the social trading service will get new opportunities. Follow the news!

21 八月 2013

MetaTrader 5 Gateways & Connectivity Depth of Market in MetaTrader 5

A variety of integration gateways to liquidity providers and stock exchanges have recently been developed for MetaTrader 5 trading platform. Using these solutions, brokers now can greatly improve their business and enter new markets. We have decided to summarize the first integration results and make a list of already working MetaTrader 5 gateways.

Liquidity Providers (ECNs)

ECNs (Electronic Communication Networks) provide liquidity when using MetaTrader 5. We have developed gateways to the most well-known providers, and any MetaTrader 5 broker can now make use of their services:

  1. Integral
  2. CitiFX Pro
  3. Hotspot FX
  4. FastMatch
  5. Currenex

Our gateways not only give access to liquidity providers but also provide maximum speed of executing operations. Moreover, these gateways are fairly simple and secure solutions allowing brokers to quickly connect to a provider and use its services.

Stock Exchanges

MetaTrader 5 has been developed as a multi-market platform. Nowadays, it can be used not only for arranging Forex trading but also for working on stock exchanges:

  1. Moscow Exchange (former RTS)
  2. Singapore Mercantile Exchange (SMX)
  3. Dubai Gold and Commodities Exchange (DGCX)
  4. Global Board of Trade (GBOT)
  5. BM&FBOVESPA (Brazilian stock exchange)
  6. Ukrainian Exchange
  7. Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME)
  8. Warsaw Stock Exchange (WSE)
  9. Australian Securities Exchange (ASX)
  10. Turkish Derivatives Exchange (TURKDEX)

MetaTrader 5 platform's versatility makes it easy to expand the brokerage business and enter new markets. For example, any Forex broker can start working on a stock exchange, as well as a stock broker can launch the platform on an exchange and then enter Forex market. In any of these cases, all MetaTrader 5 technologies and services (social, mobile and algorithmic trading, as well as the market of trading robots) retain their functionality and remain attractive to traders.

The platform's features go beyond the proposed list, and the works on integration of MetaTrader 5 with other stock exchanges and liquidity providers are currently underway. Besides, Gateway API allows brokers to develop a gateway to any system or exchange on their own. Some brokers have already done that, while the proposed interfaces have greatly simplified their work. Moreover, API allows development of a hybrid ECN engine with multiple providers. That engine will act as trading server's own ECN platform.

MetaTrader 5 can work with 5 ECNs and 10 Exchanges

Follow the news!

19 八月 2013

MetaTrader 5 Trading Platform Integrated with FastMatch Liquidity Provider

MetaQuotes Software Corp. has released MetaTrader 5 Gateway to FastMatch connecting MetaTrader 5 trading platform to FastMatch. This liquidity gateway provides a simple, fast and secure integration solution for brokers.

MetaTrader 5 Trading Platform Integrated with FastMatch Liquidity Provider

FastMatch is a heavy-duty matching system of foreign exchange that offers its customers access to a large pool of diversified liquidity at unparalleled speed, as well as complete transparency and excellent customer service. FastMatch has a diverse set of clients, including retail brokers, banks and various financial institutions.

At present, all brokers working with MetaTrader 5 have access to this liquidity provider. The connection to FastMatch is performed via the new, specially designed gateway.

19 八月 2013

MetaTrader 5 Trading Platform Certified by Australian Securities Exchange (ASX)

We are happy to announce the certification of the MetaTrader 5 trading platform by Australian Securities Exchange (ASX). It is a primary stock exchange in Australia and one of the largest exchanges in the Asian Region. Brokers working on ASX now have the opportunity to serve clients using MetaTrader 5. Certification means that MetaTrader 5 has passed all necessary tests and meets all requirements of the ASX exchange.

MetaTrader 5 Trading Platform Certified by Australian Securities Exchange (ASX)

Australia is the thirteenth largest economic country in the world and one of the third largest countries in the Asia-Pacific region. The Australian stock market is the eighth one in the world and the second one in the Asia-Pacific region. Thus, traders working at the main Australian exchange may enjoy a wide field of activity. To start their work at the exchange, they only need to download MetaTrader 5 and choose a broker having MetaTrader 5 Gateway to ASX.

MetaTrader 5 Gateway to ASX is a simple and secure integration solution for brokers providing fully-featured access to the exchange with the ability to perform trading operations and receive quotes.

All MetaTrader 5 features are available on ASX, therefore brokers will receive a powerful and convenient platform having many useful services that will be appreciated by their clients. These services include social trading with automatic copying of deals, mobile applications for trading via smartphones and tablets and MetaTrader AppStore having plenty of trading robots and technical indicators.

12 八月 2013

You Can Now Deposit Funds to Your Account via Visa QIWI Wallet

We have expanded payment system options by adding QIWI Wallet as a new way to deposit funds to your account.

This is already the fourth method of depositing money: now, you can use Visa QIWI Wallet along with WebMoney, PayPal and bank cards. Payment is made in rubles, charged commission is 1%, minimum payment is 100 rubles.

To deposit funds to your account, go to Payments section of your profile, select "Deposit to account" and choose QIWI Wallet from the four available options.

Deposit Funds to Your Account via Visa QIWI Wallet

On the new page, specify the amount of funds in rubles to be deposited and your mobile phone number which is used as an identifier in the Visa QIWI Wallet payment system.

Specify the Amount of Funds in Rubles to be Deposited and Your Mobile Phone Number

After the payment is confirmed, secure connection with Visa QIWI Wallet service is established, and you are offered to pay for an automatically generated invoice.

QIWI Wallet Invoice

You can pay for it in several ways:

  • Online payment in Visa QIWI Wallet service. This is the easiest and fastest way, if there is enough money on your account in this payment system. Simply log into the system by entering a password and confirm the payment with one-time code that you will receive by SMS.

  • Payment kiosk. This option is convenient, as you can pay for invoice in cash using any QIWI payment kiosk.

  • Bank card. If a bank card is bound to your Visa QIWI Wallet, then after authorization you will need to confirm the payment by entering card data and CVV2 or CVC2 verification code.

  • WebMoney. If WebMoney purse is bound to your Visa QIWI Wallet, then after authorization the invoice will be paid using funds on your WebMoney purse.

You can find detailed instructions on the first two Visa QIWI Wallet invoice payment methods (online and payment kiosk) in the appropriate section of Payment System article.

When depositing funds to your account, standard QIWI commission of 1% from the specified amount is charged. After the funds have been successfully transferred, they appear on your account immediately.

Choose the most convenient way to deposit funds to your account and use built-in services: Jobs freelance service, MetaTrader 4/5 AppStore and Trading Signals for MetaTrader platforms!

9 八月 2013

Automatic Translation of Forum Messages from Any Language forum now features automatic translation of any messages. You can translate any forum message, regardless of its source language, into one of 12 languages: Arabic, Indonesian, Thai, Spanish, Italian, Vietnamese, German, Korean, Chinese, French, Portuguese and Japanese. Thus, you can translate forum messages from any language.

Automatic Translation of Forum Messages from Any Language

Write in your mother tongue and communicate with participants in the way you like. Now, everyone will be able to understand you! Translate any Forum discussions in two clicks and read them in your native language. So, you will also be able to understand anyone!  

Automatic Translation of Forum Messages

The editor of forum messages has also obtained some new features. After you have prepared your message in any language, you can translate it into one of the three interface languages (English, Russian or Chinese) right in the editor. To do that, click Translate button on the editor's panel.

Click Translate Button on the Editor's Panel 

There are no linguistic barriers on forum any more. Now, you are able to find common language with all community members!

31 七月 2013 Features Another Handy Social Function – Adding to Friends via the Forum

After launching the News Feed, we continue to expand social functions of Now you can not only share any Forum message via social networks but also quickly add its author to friends.

This can be done by clicking + sign to the right of Share icon:

Adding to Friends via the Forum

Thus, you can add an author of a message you liked to friends in two clicks.

Please pay the most serious attention to filling out your profile. Avatar, background image, detailed description, link to your website – all these things can be important to a user who wants to add you to friends. Therefore, we recommend that you add as much information about yourself and your activity as possible, including your avatar and the background image. This will facilitate more effective communication with other traders within

Fill out your profile, upload an avatar and a background image, share the news and add members to friends via the Forum instantly!

18 七月 2013 is Now Available in Chinese!

Following the Russian and English versions of the website, we are now launching the Chinese version.

Seeing the great importance of the Chinese market, this is a well-timed step - Chinese users of should feel comfortable using the website. The language barrier is no longer an issue. is now available in your native language. Everybody who is interested in automated trading in financial markets will find it on which is a reliable source of useful information offered in three languages - English, Russian and Chinese!

With the launch of the Chinese version of the website, we expect to see a significant increase in the number of people using it. The website offers unique information that cannot be found on other websites and has a one of a kind community of MQL5 developers. Access to this knowledge base is now available to Chinese speaking users.

The entire website interface has already been translated into Chinese, including the Documentation section. Translations of all the articles in the Articles section and the code library provided in CodeBase are currently underway. This requires the input of huge resources, efforts and time but we are committed to investing in the development of the Chinese version of the website, as well as the improvement of MQL5 skills and knowledge of the Chinese users.

Moreover, experienced translators are welcome to join our team to work on the translation of the articles. If you are willing to help and have the necessary skills to translate from English or Russian into Chinese, feel free to apply. This is not just an opportunity for you to earn an extra income but to also share your knowledge by contributing to the development of in Chinese.

We invite all Chinese speaking traders and developers to!

8 七月 2013

Social Trading with the MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 Trading Platforms

What is social trading? It is a mutually beneficial cooperation of traders and investors whereby successful traders allow monitoring of their trading and potential investors take the opportunity to monitor their performance and copy trades of those who look more promising.

You monitor real-time trading of a number of traders, connect to the most successful ones and copy their trades in automatic mode - that's what social trading is about. For novice and inexperienced traders who have just turned to financial markets for additional income, it is probably the best opportunity to actually start trading.

Social Trading with the MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 Trading Platforms

You do not need to be a professional trader with a great bundle of knowledge and skills in order to trade professionally. Nor do you need to follow and analyze the news from financial markets, work out and implement trading strategies and be prepared to change the ones that fail to keep monitoring their performance in the new market conditions. Thanks to social trading it all becomes unnecessary since you can simply copy trades of all those who follow the news, analyze markets and create profitable strategies.    

Is it difficult to start mirror trading and how much does it take? While hedge fund investing was not available to many due to high entry threshold (hundreds of thousands and millions of dollars), social trading is a highly affordable system available to absolutely any trader with any income level. It opens up access to a large market with vast opportunities that you, too, can use.

Social trading advantages are obvious:

  • Additional income for both traders and investors
  • Investment diversification
  • Opportunity to connect to the most successful traders and automatically mirror their trades
  • Low entry threshold: you can start with a minimum budget
  • Practice opportunities: you can trade on demo accounts in a training mode
  • Time saving
  • High operability and user-friendly interface

Ready to take the opportunities offered by social trading but don't know where to start? MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 are the most famous and popular platforms for social and mirror trading, with Trading Signals service being a very convenient, advanced social trading feature offered in these platforms. Social trading with the MetaTrader platforms is very straightforward: the user chooses the signal directly in the terminal, subscribes to it and from that moment on all trades are copied in his account.

Trading Signals with Automatic Execution on Your Account

Social trading with MetaTrader will allow you to monitor trading activity and profitability of successful traders, and most importantly, copy their trades. If you see a positive trend in performance of one of the traders whose signal is available for subscription, go ahead with it and start copying his trades. The trading terminal will automatically mirror all trades of the signals provider in your account, without any manual intervention necessary.

So, after subscribing the trader can earn money using the Signals service, without effort, skills or trading experience.

After all, social trading should be simple and straightforward to be easily understood by traders with any background. We cannot but admit it. In this light, MetaTrader trading signals appear to be perfectly adequate. They are available to any user, regardless of their trading experience. Here, you are not required to sign an agreement with a provider of the selected signal or a broker, nor is there any paperwork or manual control necessary. Everything is done automatically.

All you need is to specify your broker and enter the number of your account on the broker's server. Nothing more than that. Subscription process will take very little time. The description of a step-by-step subscription procedure is available in the article entitled "How to Subscribe to Trading Signals". After reading it, you will subscribe to the signal of your choice quickly and easily. 

How to Subscribe to Trading Signals

Despite being seemingly complicated, choosing a provider of the suitable signal has been made as simple as possible - the Trading Signals section features a regularly updated list of providers. By default, signals on the list are sorted by quality ensuring that top positions are taken by signals with higher credibility and better financial performance. However, for your convenience trading signals can also be sorted by monthly growth, number of subscribers, price and other parameters.

Social trading with the MetaTrader trading platforms is easy, straightforward and available to everyone. Out of thousands of available signals providers, you just need to choose the one that suits you more and measures up to your parameters!

3 七月 2013

Seminar on the Advantages of MetaTrader 5 and MetaTrader 5 Gateway to WSE Successfully Held in Warsaw

The Seminar on the Advantages of MetaTrader 5 and MetaTrader 5 Gateway to WSE was successfully held in Warsaw Marriott Hotel on June 27, 2013. The gateway to the Warsaw Stock Exchange attracted a great interest of a number of key Polish financial market players, especially WSE members. The seminar participants were not only interested in presentation of the gateway but also in upgrading from MetaTrader 4 to MetaTrader 5.

Seminar on the Advantages of MetaTrader 5 and MetaTrader 5 Gateway to WSE Successfully Held in Warsaw

"The Polish financial market demonstrates steady growth. We see great potential for brokers in this region and intend to strengthen and expand our presence here", sums up Renat Fatkhullin, CEO of MetaQuotes Software Corp. - "We are pleased to have organized the seminar, seeing that our expectations have been adequate: we have reached an agreement with one brokerage company and are currently negotiating contracts with a number of other companies. We are committed to further development in this area and look forward to new achievements".