MetaTrader 5 Android OS Help


Use this tab to view real-time pricing information on financial instruments. To switch to this tab, use the MetaTrader 5 side panel that opens at a tap on Open the side panel.


The following price information is shown here:

  • name of the financial instrument
  • the ask price
  • the bid price
  • spread
  • the time of the last quote
  • the lowest ask price for the current day (Low)
  • the highest bid price for the current day (High)
  • To switch between the full and reduced representation of price information, open the context menu by a long tap on any symbol.
  • To save traffic, disable unnecessary symbols.

List of Symbols

In order to remove a symbol from the list or change its position, tapModifyat the top of the window. To add a new symbol, tapAddat the top of the window.

To save traffic, disable unnecessary symbols.

Read more about how to work with the list of symbols in a separate section.

Context Menu

To open the context menu, tap once on any of the symbols. The menu contains the following commands:

  • New order – go to executing trade operations with the specified symbol. This button is not displayed when not connected to the server.
  • Chart – go to chart viewing.
  • Properties – open symbol properties.
  • Advanced view mode – view price details.
  • Depth of Market – open Depth of Market for the symbol, if available.