O que há de novo no MetaTrader 5?

Histórico de atualizações das plataformas desktop, móvel e web

8 setembro 2010
MetaTrader 5 Client Terminal build 321
  1. Terminal: Fixed and optimized synchronization of price history between the terminal and the server.
  2. Terminal: Fixed "freezing" of the LiveUpdate window after clicking "Refresh" on slow computers.
  3. Terminal: Fixed synchronization of price history between the terminal and the server.
  4. Tester: Added saving of optimization charts as an image and in a clipboard.
  5. Tester: Added protection from endless cycles with the Sleep function.
  6. Tester: Fixed the display of results of optimization by the profit factor.
  7. Tester: Fixed writing of the profit factor in the file cache of optimization.
  8. Tester: Fixed setting of a deal ticker in the MqlTradeResult structure.
  9. Tester: Added a submenu for viewing logs of local testing agents.
  10. Tester: Significantly accelerated testing using pending orders with a specified expiration date.
  11. MQL5: Fixed display of trade request error description in the MqlTradeResult structure.
  12. MQL5: Fixed operation of the OrderCheck function.
  13. MetaEditor: Fixed crash when replacing all occurrences of a symbol in a document.
  14. Fixed errors reported on the forum and in crash logs.
3 setembro 2010
MetaTrader 5 Client Terminal build 319
  1. Terminal: Fixed control of the list of selected symbols in Market Watch.
  2. Terminal: In the menu of objects, added the "Delete All" command.
  3. Tester: Added processing of expiration of pending orders.
  4. Tester: Fixed a bug in the HistorySelect function.
  5. Tester: Fixed storage of data in the optimization cache. Now all parameters of an Expert Advisor are written, not only optimized ones.
  6. Tester: Added saving of window parameters of the list of optimization results.
  7. MQL5: Fixed passing of a string to DLL.
  8. MQL5: Optimized and accelerated operation of the HistorySelect function.
  9. MQL5: Fixed errors of integral math for x64.
  10. MQL5: Changed addressing relative to this (in soma cases you will have to recompile MQL5 programs to eliminate an access violation error).
  11. Fixed errors reported on the forum and in crash logs.
27 agosto 2010
MetaTrader 5 Client Terminal build 316
  1. Terminal: Optimized and accelerated memory usage.
  2. Terminal: Added check of incorrect drawing parameters for graphical objects and custom indicators.
  3. MQL5: Fixed terminal crash, when critical MQL5 errors occur in x64 systems.
  4. MQL5: Fixed check of floating point numbers for equality to 0 in x64 systems.
  5. MQL5: Fixed error of floating point numbers normalization (NormalizeDouble) for big values of normalized number.
  6. MQL5: Fixed error of constants typecasting.
  7. MQL5: Fixed error of typecasting variables from bool to string.
  8. MQL5: Fixed error of typecasting floating point numbers to string in х64 systems.
  9. MQL5: Fixed copying of data to indicator buffer, when buffer size is bigger than number of data quantity.
  10. MQL5: Significantly accelerated compilation of MQL5 programs.
  11. MQL5: Standard Library now includes classes for creating Expert Advisors (MQL5\Include\Expert). Added examples of Expert Advisors, created using these classes (MQL5\Experts\Advisors).
  12. Tester: Added ability to adjust leverage for trade account in parameters of testing and optimization.
  13. Tester: Fixed context-sensitive help in expert parameters tab.
  14. Tester: Added the new "Connecting" state of remote agent - it indicates connecting to agent.
  15. Fixed errors reported on the forum and in crash logs.
23 agosto 2010
MetaTrader 5 Client Terminal build 314
  1. Terminal: Fixed a bug that lead to the client terminal crash when working with history.
  2. Terminal: Reduced time of demo account allocation.
  3. MQL5: Fixed false triggering of Out of memory that could appear when adding strings.
  4. Fixed errors reported on the forum and in crash logs.
20 agosto 2010
MetaTrader 5 Client Terminal build 313
  1. Terminal: Optimized work with memory.
  2. Terminal: Fixed error of disconnection when requesting the update of the history of quotes.
  3. Terminal: Fixed a bug in the work of Trailing Stop.
  4. Terminal: Fixed checking of the limit on the volume of open positions.
  5. Terminal: Fixed recording of price values in incorrect trading requests to the log.
  6. Terminal: Fixed behavior of the new order window in case of disconnection.
  7. Terminal: Fixed an error of terminal upload when starting it with the ShutdownTerminal enabled, if loading of Expert Advisor has failed.
  8. Terminal: Fixed handling of an incorrect requests in the terminal log viewing dialog.
  9. Terminal: Added display of a position on a chart using Shift and Drag'n'Drop.
  10. Terminal: Fixed the limit on the number of decimal places for input parameters of Expert Advisors. Input parameters are now limited to 8 decimal places.
  11. Terminal: Fixed the display of the expiration of pending orders in the new order placing dialog.
  12. Terminal: Fixed checking of the availability of symbols allowed to trade; if there are no such symbols, the "New Order" button is disabled.
  13. Terminal: Fixed saving of chart screenshots in some versions of Windows.
  14. Terminal: Fixed display of news, for which no category is specified.
  15. Terminal: Reduced number of disk accesses when working with history, accelerated operations of timeframe re-constructing.
  16. Terminal: Fixed display of the "Inputs" tab in the custom indicator properties window.
  17. MQL5: Fixed compilation of the switch operator with an empty expression.
  18. MQL5: Updated the Standard Library.
  19. MQL5: Removed the ACCOUNT_LIMIT_VOLUME property of accounts; instead SYMBOL_VOLUME_LIMIT has been added to denote the limit on the total volume of orders and open positions for a symbol.
  20. MQL5: Fixed initialization of classes and structures by an initiating sequence.
  21. MQL5: Fixed an error in the arithmetic operation with datetime.
  22. MQL5: Fixed an error of operation with boolean types in the if operator.
  23. Tester: Fixed checking of the expiry of pending orders.
  24. Tester: Fixed error of partial saving of the Expert Advisor environment state between optimization runs.
  25. Tester: Added notification informing that a remote agent is busy.
  26. Fixed errors reported on the forum and in crash logs.
13 agosto 2010
MetaTrader 5 Client Terminal build 306
  1. Terminal: When starting the terminal with the /config key, the configuration file is opened only for reading.
  2. Terminal: Fixed scanning of access points when starting the client terminal for the first time.
  3. Terminal: Fixed terminal crash during mass recompilation of MQL5 programs.
  4. Terminal: Fixed drawing of Fibonacci Retracement.
  5. Terminal: Fixed handling of an incorrect request in the terminal log viewing dialog.
  6. Tester: Added defragmentation of files of the history database.
  7. Tester: Fixed drawing of the chart of of testing results.
  8. MQL5: Fixed and optimized work with the trading history - removed conflicts with the parallel work of several Expert Advisors and their influence on the "History" tab of the toolbar.
  9. MQL5: Changed behavior of some functions: PositionSelect, OrderSelect, HistoryOrderSelect and HistoryDealSelect - removed timeout when the requested data are not available. If the required data are not available, false is returned immediately.
  10. MQL5: Optimized and greatly accelerated string operations.
  11. MQL5: Fixed terminal crash when aborting debugging in the 64-bit version.
  12. MQL5: Fixed optimization of inline calls.
  13. Fixed errors reported on the forum and in crash logs.
10 agosto 2010
MetaTrader 5 Client Terminal build 305
  1. Terminal: Improved synchronization and verification of history.
  2. Terminal: Fixed update of the navigator after recompilation of MQL5 programs.
  3. Terminal: Fixed errors that led to recording of the log in the root directory.
  4. Tester: Optimized drawing of the chart of of testing results.
  5. MQL5: Added a log message about the stop of debugging of indicators.
  6. MQL5: Fixed terminal crash when calling this in the debug window.
  7. Fixed errors reported on the forum and in crash logs.
3 agosto 2010
MetaTrader 5 Client Terminal build 302
  1. Terminal: Improved history data validation during synchronization with the server.
  2. MQL5: It is now forbidden to specify a static array (an array with a defined first dimension) as a function parameter.
    //--- incorrect
    int func1(double &arr[5][2])
    //--- correct
    int func2(double &arr[][2])
    //---  incorrect
    int func3(int &arr[50])
    //--- correct
    int func4(int &arr[])
  3. MQL5: An obsolete executable file EX5 is not deleted if the corresponding MQ5 source file is not available.
  4. MQL5: Fixed the StringToTime function.
  5. MQL5: Fixed the debugger operation when entering object constructors and destructors.
  6. Tester: Added recording of tester time in the tester log.
  7. Tester: All errors occurring when loading an Expert Advisor for testing, now do not appear in the journal of Expert Advisors, but are recorded into the tester log.
  8. Tester: Fixed the "black screen" error that appeared when displaying a chart of forward optimization.
  9. Tester: Improved history pumping for testing.
  10. Tester: Added termination of the the execution of the Sleep function, if the generated tester time goes beyond the end date.
  11. Fixed errors reported on the forum and in crash logs. 
30 julho 2010
MetaTrader 5 Client Terminal build 299
  1. Tester: The testing report now contains the amount of funds withdrawn using the TesterWithdrawal function.
  2. Tester: In the tester report, drawdowns are calculated with the account for withdrawn funds.
  3. Tester: Fixed generation of ticks of other symbols at the beginning of testing, when testing multicurrency Expert Advisors.
  4. Tester: Added display of information about critical errors of an Expert Advisor during optimization. In the list of results, such runs are highlighted in red.
  5. Tester: If the client terminal is started in the portable mode, then local agents are also started with an explicit indication of the /portable key.
  6. Tester: Added automatic deletion of tester logs older than 5 days.
  7. MQL5: Added automatic deletion of Expert Advisor logs older than 7 days.
  8. MQL5: Added debugging of custom indicators.
  9. MQL5: Improved checking of outdated or missing EX5 files before testing.
  10. Fixed errors reported on the forum and in crash logs.
27 julho 2010
MetaTrader 5 Client Terminal build 298
  1. Terminal: Removed magnetism when dragging a graphical object by its central point.
  2. Terminal: Fixed the client terminal start from the command line when specifying the relative path for the configuration file.
  3. MQL5: Added new properties: ACCOUNT_LIMIT_ORDERS and ACCOUNT_LIMIT_VOLUME for setting restrictions to trading - Account Information.
  4. MQL5: When clicking on a graphical object, the cursor coordinates are passed to the OnChartEvent() event handler, together with the object name.
  5. MetaTester: Introduced a prohibition of loading the debug version of an Expert Advisor for testing.
  6. MetaTester: Corrected calculation of the Sharpe ratio when calculating statistics on the testing results.
  7. MetaTester: Added automatic opening of a chart with indicators and deals after the test run, if there have been any deals.
  8. MetaTester: Fixed navigation through deals in the chart opened upon testing results.
  9. MetaTester: Fixed display of a deal on the chart, when a position is closed partially.
  10. Fixed errors reported on the forum and in crash logs.
20 julho 2010
MetaTrader 5 Client Terminal build 294
  1. Terminal: Fixed saving of data and the location of windows at the shutdown of the operating system.
  2. Terminal: In the Navigator added showing of the number of available Expert Advisors, scripts and indicators in the Code Base section of MQL5.com.
  3. Terminal: Revised the mechanism of object magneting - now point time binding is always performed with a minute precision, which saves layouts when switching to smaller timeframes.
  4. Terminal: Revised the account opening window - now you can add addresses of trade servers.
  5. Terminal: Fixed the calculation of the maximum and minimum of the scale of indicators drawn in a separate window.
  6. Terminal: Added support of standard hotkeys in the HTML editor of emails in the internal mail system.
  7. MetaEditor: In the 64-bit version, fixed switching to the terminal by pressing the F4 key.
  8. MQL5: Improved the performance of the 64-bit version.
  9. MQL5: Fixed error with the return of a structure from a function by value.
  10. MQL5: Changed the value returned by the SERIES_BARS_COUNT symbol property - now it always returns the available number of bars, irrespective of the maximum set in the terminal settings.
  11. Tester: Increased the speed of optimization.
  12. Tester: Added display of indicators used by the Expert Advisor when displaying the chart of testing results (in the 'Open Chart' command of testing results).
  13. Tester: Added displaying of messages about the mismatch of versions of EX5 files.
  14. Tester: Fixed scrolling of the list of parameters when during testing.
  15. Tester: Fixed the completion of the agent operation in case of an error during the launch of testing.
  16. Fixed errors reported on the forum and in crash logs.
9 julho 2010
MetaTrader 5 Client Terminal build 292
  1. Terminal: Released MetaTrader 5 for 64-bit systems (the terminal, editor, compiler and tester). To install it, you will need to download the installer.
  2. Terminal: Fixed building of history caches on data request from Expert Advisors.
  3. Installer: Fixed installation failure on old Windows XP and Windows XP SP1.
  4. Installer: Fixed an error of the choice of CDN servers.
  5. MQL5: Added command line compiler of mql5.exe (requires mql5.dll).
  6. MQL5: Added the OrderCheck function. The function checks the correctness of trade request filling, the availability of required funds and returns the state of the client's account after the specified trade funсtion is executed.
  7. MQL5: Added the OrderCalcMargin function. The function calculates the margin required for the specified order type, on the current account, in the current market environment.
  8. MQL5: Added the OrderCalcProfit function. The function calculates the profit for the current account and market environment, based on the parameters passed.
  9. MQL5: Added symbol properties: SYMBOL_TRADE_TICK_VALUE_PROFIT and SYMBOL_TRADE_TICK_VALUE_LOSS - price of the symbol tick for a profitable and loss position. The old SYMBOL_TRADE_TICK_VALUE property returns the value analogous to SYMBOL_TRADE_TICK_VALUE_PROFIT.
  10. MQL5: Modified the behavior of SYMBOL_TRADE_TICK_SIZE. For symbols with no clearly set tick size, the point size is returned.
  11. MetaTester: Optimized calculation of indicators. Now indicators are recalculated only before the Expert Advisor call, which results in a much faster speed of testing and optimization.
  12. MetaTester: Fixed deinitialization of Expert Advisors after the stopping of testing.
  13. MetaTester: Added control of going beyond testing for Expert Advisors with the Sleep function in the loop.
  14. MetaTester: Fixed crash during the work of Expert Advisors with symbols.
  15. MetaTester: Fixed auto substitution of stop values for optimization.
  16. MetaTester: Fixed the error with the release of input parameters.
  17. MetaTester: Fixed the error with global variables during optimization.
2 julho 2010
MetaTrader 5 Client Terminal build 291
  1. Terminal: Fixed comment deletion error that when changing the template.
  2. Terminal: Fixed update of the navigator during re-compilation of Expert Advisors.
  3. Terminal: Fixed call of the context menu in the navigator window.
  4. Terminal: Revised trade history reports in formats HTML and OpenXML.
  5. Terminal: Fixed the calculation error on the Exposure tab.
  6. MQL5: Fixed errors reported on forum and in crash logs.
  7. MetaTester: Fixed receiving of properties DEAL_POSITION_ID and ORDER_POSITION_ID.
  8. MetaTester: Fixed position closing at the end of testing.
  9. MetaEditor: Added showing of the number of new articles on tabs Articles and Codebase.
29 junho 2010
MetaTrader 5 Client Terminal build 290
  1. Terminal: Fixed update of several copies of the client terminal started on one computer.
  2. Terminal: Fixed work with NTLM authorization when a proxy server is used.
  3. Terminal: Fixed the drawing of graphic objects.
  4. Terminal: Fixed errors in the dialog of pending order placing.
  5. Terminal: Fixed logging of terminal operations when modifying and deleting of pending orders.
  6. Terminal: Fixed size of symbols when drawing indicators in the style DRAW_ARROW.
  7. Terminal: Revised reports of the trading history.
  8. Terminal: Fixed error of displaying a selected access point.
  9. MQL5: Fixed methods of the function of accessing data of quoting and trading sessions of a symbol SymbolInfoSessionQuote and SymbolInfoSessionTrade.
  10. MQL5: Added parameters of a trade symbol SYMBOL_START_TIME and SYMBOL_EXPIRATION_TIME (in function SymbolInfoInteger).
  11. MQL5: Added the position parameter POSITION_IDENTIFIER (in function PositionGetInteger).
  12. MQL5: Fixed errors reported on forum and in crash logs.
  13. MetaTester: Added the drawing of a 2D diagram of optimization results, which shows the testing results using a gradient fill.
  14. MetaTester: Added showing of a required number of optimization steps on the tab of testing parameters.
  15. MetaTester: Fixed the modification of pending orders during testing.
  16. MetaTester: Fixed auto-scroll support in the list of optimization results.
  17. MetaTester: Fixed "old ticks" messages during testing.
  18. MetaEditor: Added search on the MQL5 website through a search box on the toolbar.
  19. MetaEditor: Fixed copying and pasting from clipboard in the search box of the toolbar.
18 junho 2010
MetaTrader 5 Client Terminal build 286
  1. Terminal: Optimized the drawing of a large number of graphic objects.
  2. Terminal: Fixed the settings of the graphic object Chart.
  3. Terminal: Fixed the settings of selecting the time periods of displaying the graphic objects.
  4. Terminal: Fixed the error in the clearing of user data during the deletion of an account in the Navigator window.
  5. Terminal: Added the defragmentation of history databases files.
  6. Terminal: Added the binding of the objects’ anchor points, to the extremum during its magneting. During the magneting of the trend line to the maximum or minimum of the bar, the date of the binding point is indicated by the time of the minute bar, which corresponds to the maximal (minimal) value. This way, the trend is preserved when switched from a larger to a smaller timeframe.
  7. Terminal: When inputting your personal data into the 'Opening Account' window, the postal code (ZIP) field is made optional.
  8. Terminal: Fixed the errors in the ordering of charts through the commands: Cascade, Tile Horizontally, and Tile Vertically.
  9. Terminal: Fixed an error in the display of the context menu of trading history.
  10. MQL5: Added the SERIES_LASTBAR_DATE property of historical data: it indicates the opening time of the last bar of the specified symbol and period.
  11. MQL5: Added the OBJ_NO_PERIODS constant of graphic objects visibility: it indicates that the graphic object should be hidden at all periods. The constant OBJ_ALL_PERIODS now has the value of 0xffffffff (-1).






    The object is not drawn in all timeframes






    The object is drawn in all timeframes

  12. MQL5: Removed the default addition of spaces, during the output of numbers, in the Print function.
  13. MQL5: Added the HistorySelectByPosition function - request of the orders and deals from history by the position ID.
  14. MetaTester: Added the 'Open prices only' testing mode – by the bar opening prices of the test period, in addition to the 'Every Tick' and '1 Minute OHLC' modes.
  15. MetaTester: Added a calculation of swaps for testing, based on the current symbol settings of the trade server.
  16. MetaTester: Fixed a time error, which arose in the TimeCurrent function during the first call of OnInit - now it returns to the testing starting time, instead of to a zero value.
  17. MetaEditor: Added the CodeBase tab, showing Expert Advisors, scripts, and indicators, published at the MQL5 site. The options of filtering by category, the possibility of downloading, and automatic compilation are available.
  18. MetaEditor: Added fields for searching by files, Articles, and CodeBase to the search field of the toolbar.
10 junho 2010
MetaTrader 5 Client Terminal build 281
  1. Terminal: Fixed output of data of custom indicators in DataWindow.
  2. Terminal: Added management of display of trade levels in chart properties, which is available from the user interface and MQL5 (CHART_SHOW_TRADE_LEVELS).
  3. Terminal: Fixed calculation of the scale of a tick chart.
  4. Terminal: Fixed errors in update of history data caches for a day and month timeframes.
  5. Terminal: Fixed errors in synchronization of history data caches.
  6. Terminal: Introduced additional checks of integrity of history data.
  7. Terminal: Fixed construction of week bars with quotes falling on the weekend.
  8. Terminal: Fixed construction of history data caches.
  9. Terminal: Fixed adding of levels in indicators and graphical objects.
  10. Terminal: In the terminal properties, added function "Select objects after creation".
  11. Terminal: Fixed processing of parameters of the iCustom indicator.
  12. Terminal: Fixed terminal freezing during the initial download of history data.
  13. Terminal: Added export of report of the trade account state, in Open XML format (MS Office Excel 2007).
  14. MetaTester: Added testing mode "1 Minute OHLC" on OHLC prices of minute bars, in addition to the "Every Tick" mode.
  15. MetaTester: Fixed completion of optimization on slow single core computers.
  16. MetaTester: Added restriction on number of runs of the forward testing.
  17. MQL5: Added removing of an Expert Advisor from the chart when creation of a custom indicator fails.
  18. MQL5: Fixed errors reported on forum and in crash logs.
1 junho 2010
MetaTrader 5 Client Terminal build 279
  1. Terminal: Fixed Terminal restart when changing interface language.
  2. Terminal: Optimized compatibility with antivirus software.
  3. Terminal: Enhanced check of registration rights when filling out credentials to open a demo-account.
  4. MetaTester: Fixed the single test completion process.
  5. MetaTester: Fixed an error of generating steps in genetic optimization, when optimization space is too large.
  6. MetaTester: Added the initial deposit line in optimization chart.
  7. MQL5: Optimized speed of scripts and experts execution.
  8. MQL5: Fixed delays, when loading scripts and experts.
  9. MQL5: Fixed errors reported on Forum and in crash logs.
28 maio 2010
MetaTrader 5 Client Terminal build 278
  1. Terminal: Fixed display of the trading history on a chart.
  2. Terminal: Fixed failure of the network subsystem when at shut down of the terminal.
  3. Terminal: Optimized re-arrangement of history data caches.
  4. Terminal: Optimized plotting of the Trend Line graphical object.
  5. Terminal: Fixed re-arrangement of history data caches by the "Refresh" chart command.
  6. Terminal: Fixed update of the MQL5 catalog by LiveUpdate for terminals where data are stored separately form executable files.
  7. Terminal: Fixed plotting of the Price Label graphical object.
  8. Terminal: Added highlighting of SL or TP columns in the history of orders and trades when they trigger by the corresponding stop order.
  9. Terminal: Added insertion of macros of a client's trade state in email messages, which are sent at an alert triggering.
  10. Terminal: Added a dialog notifying about the necessity to restart the client terminal when changing the interface language.
  11. Terminal: Fixed saving of a chart screen shot in Windows 7.
  12. MetaTester: Added update of remote testing agents via LiveUpdate. Remote agents receive updates from the updated client terminal. All updates of testing agents are protected and checked like other components of the client terminal.
  13. MetaTester: Added optimization mode "Optimization by symbols in Market Watch". In this mode, and Expert Advisor is sequentially tested with specified parameters on all symbols selected in Market Watch.
  14. MetaTester: Added showing of the history download progress in the testing configuration window and in the testing journal.
  15. MetaTester: Added showing of the history loading state "on demand" in the list of testing agents.
  16. MetaTester: Fixed setting of the state of testing agents when connection is lost.
  17. MetaTester: Fixed checking of whether connection with the server is established, before starting to pump history data for testing. If there is no connection, data pumping is not performed, testing and optimization are conducted on available data.
  18. MetaTester: Fixed return to the optimization task queue when connection is lost or a testing agent is switched off.
  19. MetaTester: Fixed error in the operation of an Expert Advisor when referring to several indicators.
  20. MetaTester: Added deleting of old files from the journal testing (older than two days).
  21. MetaTester: Removed keeping of testing journal during optimization for testing agents - only starting optimization and final results are recorded.
  22. MetaTester: Optimized start of local agents on weak computers and under aggressive anti-viruses.
  23. MetaEditor: Added tab Articles showing the list of articles published on MQL5 filtered by categories.
  24. MetaEditor: Increased frequency of слуслштп the updates of help files.
  25. MetaEditor: In the debugger window, added showing of enumeration values as a text (e.g.  POSITION_TYPE_SELL).
  26. MetaEditor: In the debugger window, fixed showing of list of class members for the second and all next nesting levels.
  27. MetaEditor: Fixed checking the necessity to shift text when window size changes.
  28. MetaEditor: Improved editor behavior when editing and saving Read-Only files.
  29. MQL5: Fixed checking of enumerations in switch\case.
  30. MQL5: Fixed errors reported on forum and in crash logs.
21 maio 2010
MetaTrader 5 Client Terminal build 275
  1. Terminal: Fixed drawing of Bitmap Label.
  2. Terminal: Optimized history pumping and construction.
  3. MetaTester: Added pumping of the entire available history of a tested symbol before the testing start.
  4. MetaTester: Added pumping of the entire available history of a tested symbol (including symbols required for calculations on cross rates) during the testing process, if there is not enough history required for testing.
  5. MetaTester: Fixed and optimized synchronization of history between the client terminal and testing agents.
  6. MetaTester: Added display of testing and optimization completion percent for agents on the "Agents" tab of the client terminal.
  7. MQL5: Fixed check of enumerations in switch\case.
  8. MQL5: Fixed looping in case of disagreement between versions of the client terminal and compiler.
  9. MQL5: Fixed values of enumerations BOOK_TYPE_BUY and BOOK_TYPE_SELL.
  10. MQL5: Fixed returned error code when ChartScreenShot method call fails.
  11. MQL5: Fixed errors reported on forum and in crash logs.
17 maio 2010
MetaTrader 5 Client Terminal build 274
  1. Terminal: Fixed displaying of the trade history on the chart.
  2. Terminal: Fixed error in the chart navigation (for disabled Auto Arrange and Auto Scroll).
  3. Terminal: Fixed errors reported on the forum and in crash logs.
  4. Terminal: Added the description of Strategy Tester to the help file
  5. MetaTester: Fixed error in the loading of testing parameters when changing the Expert Advisor.
  6. MetaTester: Extended protection from inputting incorrect testing parameters.
  7. MetaTester: Fixed errors in testing for symbols with Last prices.
  8. MQL5: Updated the standard MQL5 library.
  9. MQL5: Fixed chart closing.
  10. MQL5: Fixed receiving of the CHART_VISIBLE_BARS property - now the real number of bars available on the chart is returned, not the calculated one.
  11. MQL5: Fixed errors reported on the forum and in crash logs.