MetaTrader 5 Client Terminal build 313

Última atualização: Terminal: Optimized work with memory. Terminal: Fixed error of disconnection when requesting the update of the history of quotes

20 agosto 2010

  1. Terminal: Optimized work with memory.
  2. Terminal: Fixed error of disconnection when requesting the update of the history of quotes.
  3. Terminal: Fixed a bug in the work of Trailing Stop.
  4. Terminal: Fixed checking of the limit on the volume of open positions.
  5. Terminal: Fixed recording of price values in incorrect trading requests to the log.
  6. Terminal: Fixed behavior of the new order window in case of disconnection.
  7. Terminal: Fixed an error of terminal upload when starting it with the ShutdownTerminal enabled, if loading of Expert Advisor has failed.
  8. Terminal: Fixed handling of an incorrect requests in the terminal log viewing dialog.
  9. Terminal: Added display of a position on a chart using Shift and Drag'n'Drop.
  10. Terminal: Fixed the limit on the number of decimal places for input parameters of Expert Advisors. Input parameters are now limited to 8 decimal places.
  11. Terminal: Fixed the display of the expiration of pending orders in the new order placing dialog.
  12. Terminal: Fixed checking of the availability of symbols allowed to trade; if there are no such symbols, the "New Order" button is disabled.
  13. Terminal: Fixed saving of chart screenshots in some versions of Windows.
  14. Terminal: Fixed display of news, for which no category is specified.
  15. Terminal: Reduced number of disk accesses when working with history, accelerated operations of timeframe re-constructing.
  16. Terminal: Fixed display of the "Inputs" tab in the custom indicator properties window.
  17. MQL5: Fixed compilation of the switch operator with an empty expression.
  18. MQL5: Updated the Standard Library.
  19. MQL5: Removed the ACCOUNT_LIMIT_VOLUME property of accounts; instead SYMBOL_VOLUME_LIMIT has been added to denote the limit on the total volume of orders and open positions for a symbol.
  20. MQL5: Fixed initialization of classes and structures by an initiating sequence.
  21. MQL5: Fixed an error in the arithmetic operation with datetime.
  22. MQL5: Fixed an error of operation with boolean types in the if operator.
  23. Tester: Fixed checking of the expiry of pending orders.
  24. Tester: Fixed error of partial saving of the Expert Advisor environment state between optimization runs.
  25. Tester: Added notification informing that a remote agent is busy.
  26. Fixed errors reported on the forum and in crash logs.