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14 janvier 2011

MQL5 Wizard makes development of Expert Advisors even easier!

In late October 2010, as part of the MetaTrader 5 Client Terminal, the MQL5 Wizard was released. This wizard is designed for automatic generation of an Expert Advisor code. With MQL5 Wizard, knowledge of programming languages is no longer a prerequisite for creating trading robots. Earlier it really was an impassable obstacle to creation of trading strategies, but the release of the MQL5 Wizard changed the situation radically. With the new Wizard, the programming experience is not required - the application will do all the necessary work to create an Expert Advisor.

MQL5 Wizard makes development of Expert Advisors even easier!

The main advantage of the Wizard is its convenience. The program allows to significantly simplify the process of trading robots development, creating different Expert Advisor modules for you. All you need is set the required parameters and select the necessary components - and the MQL5 Wizard will do the rest. The creation of trading robots has never been so fast and simple. Only four clicks - and the Expert Advisor trading according to your strategy is ready!


27 décembre 2010

The Automated Trading Championship 2010 Is Over

The Automated Trading Championship 2010 is over. For 12 weeks the Expert Advisors of the Automated Trading Championship 2010 Participants have been competing for the prize money. In this struggle, recognized authorities were falling and new heroes were born, newcomers were achieving unexpected success and old-timers were ingloriously completing their ways.

The first place is taken by the newcomer of the Automated Trading Championship - Boris Odintsov from Russia. Another Russian Participant Andrey Perfilov takes the second place. During the dramatic struggle for third place, winner was finally revealed - Ludwig Rota from France. In addition, Ludwig gets the special prize from MIG Bank - a free trip to a Formula One race in 2011.

The Automated Trading Championship 2010 Is Over

Congratulations to the Winners and all the Participants of the Automated Trading Championship 2010! We thank out Sponsors for their assistance in the organization of the Championship: Interbank FX, MIG BANK, FXCM, TRADERS’ and Dow Jones & Co!

10 décembre 2010

MetaTrader 5 Official Website Launched

MetaQuotes Software Corp. has launched the official website of the MetaTrader 5 platform. The new resource contains detailed information on the product features and opportunities it presents to users. Now, in one place you can find description of the functionality of the trading platform, useful information for brokers, the MetaTrader 5 Client Terminal download links and company news.

The Official Website of the MetaTrader 5

The new site covers different areas of MetaTrader 5 usage: manual trading, technical analysis of quotes, automated trading, mobile trading, and brokerage services. With the detailed description of all aspects of trading with MetaTrader 5, this site is a truly indispensable source of information on the trading platform.

We hope that the new site will be of great help to brokers, traders and everyone interested in financial market trading. We wish you a useful time on the new website at

4 octobre 2010

Automated Trading Championship 2010 Has Started

We are happy to announce that on the 4th of October 2010 Automated Trading Championship 2010 has started. All the preparatory stages are over, and the registration and verification of Expert Advisors are completed. 314 Participants are admitted to the competition. Now the Expert Advisors will have to trade absolutely independently and prove that they can earn more than other EAs. While their creators can only watch what is going on.

Automated Trading Championship 2010

During the Automated Trading Championship 2010, in the news section of the website, we will publish interesting news about the possibilities of automated trading, interviews with Participants, statistical reports and other materials. If you are not participating in this Championship, you can still freely use these materials for developing your own automated trading programs. Follow the news!

We wish good luck to all the Participants of the Automated Trading Championship 2010.

The sponsors of the Championship are: Interbank FX LLC, MIG Bank, FXCM (Forex Capital Markets LLC), журнал TRADERS’ and Dow Jones. The Championship organizer is MetaQuotes Software Corp.

17 juin 2010

New Service on Jobs

On June 17th, new service were launched on the website Jobs. With it service, the website visitors will be able to order for different works performed by other members of the community.

It will be useful both for traders and developers. The main purpose of the new service is the organization of custom development of different MQL5 programs.

Service Job

If you are a trader with a trading strategy but not knowing how to program in MQL5, the Jobs is the right service for you. With Jobs you get a simple, controllable and safe possibility to find a developer, who will write an Expert Advisor or indicator. Any registered user can accept your offer and develop a required program for you.

The main difference of Jobs on the from most of similar resources and services on other websites is security. The customer and developer are protected from improper actions of the other party throughout the entire cooperation. In case any disputes arise, MetaQuotes Software Corp. is ready to act as arbitrator.

With the launch of the Jobs, becomes an ideal place for posting you orders and offering your programming services. Every day, thousands of traders and developers visit this resource, and can easily help each other. For a trader, Jobs is a new easy opportunity to get his or her own Expert Advisor. For MQL5 developers this is a possibility to find new customers.

1 juin 2010

Sortie de la Plateforme de Trading MetaTrader 5

La plateforme de trading MetaTrader 5 est sortie en 2010. Contrairement à MetaTrader 4, elle permet le trading du Forex et des places boursières du monde entier.

Plateforme de Trading MetaTrader 5

MetaTrader 5 est actuellement un puissant outil de travail fournissant de nombreuses opportunités : trading des actions et du Forex, analyse technique, analyse fondamentale, programmation de robots de trading, environnement de développement MQL5, testeur de stratégies multi-devises, MetaTrader Market d'applications de trading, trading social, et le service Freelance pour commander des robots de trading personnalisés.

26 avril 2010

MetaTrader 5 Strategy Tester!

Today we have released the beta version of MetaTrader 5 Strategy Tester. This program is the integral part of the MetaTrader 5 Client Terminal being designed for the purposes of testing and optimization of MQL5 Expert Advisors.

With the testing you can assess the qualities of your Expert Advisor on history data before launching it in real trading. Optimization allows choosing the most profitable parameters for your Expert Advisor making it a real efficient one. The Strategy Tester is an indispensable tool for developers of Expert Advisors. It is almost impossible to develop a profitable an error-free Expert Advisor without the tester.

As compared to the tester in MetaTrader 4, the new MetaTrader 5 Strategy Tester is a more powerful and accurate tool. It has obtained the new function of distributed optimization that will be useful in work with compound Expert Advisors. Besides that, the Strategy Tester offers efficient testing of multi-currency Expert Advisors.

"The Strategy Tester is the last component from the set of required tools for efficient development of Expert Advisors. This set also includes the MQL5, MetaEditor, debugger and execution module in the MetaTrader 5 terminal. The absence of a tester was the last obstacle to the wide possibilities provided by the MQL5 environment. We hope that together with the release of MetaTrader 5 Strategy Tester, the number of new MQL5 Expert Advisors will sharply increase", - the senior developer of MetaTrader 4/5 terminals and MQL4/5 said.

9 avril 2010

MetaTrader 5 Testing Report

Seven months have passed since testing of the MetaTrader 5 platform started. The first stage of it implied closed testing among the most active members of the On the second stage we officially published the terminal - its public testing started. Together with that, back-office components of the system were also tested.

So now we are ready to render a report on what has been done. Since the start of the testing, we have received about 1,000 bug reports and crash logs on the entire platform. While fixing these bugs and crashes, and implementing your suggestions, we've released about 100 builds of the MetaTrader 5 Client Terminal, MetaEditor and the MQL5. Bug reports on the testing of back-office components also were of great help, and allowed releasing of over 60 builds of server components.

Now we would like to thank all of you who participated in this testing. Your help is very valuable for us. "We've released over 150 builds on the whole - that was really much. After all this joint job, the platform has become stable enough, so that soon we'll officially release it," - Gaies Chreis, COO of MetaQuotes Software Corp. said.

6 avril 2010

Automated Trading Championship 2010

We are glad to announce that the Automated Trading Championship will be conducted this year — in 2010. The main purpose of the competition is promoting the idea of the automated trading and the new development environment MetaQuotes Language 5 (MQL5). The total prize of the Automated Trading Championship 2010 is 80,000 US dollars.

Automated Trading Championship 2010

We always do our best to conduct the Automated Trading Championship on the highest level. This year we keep on preparing the most interesting Championship for you. On the official website of the ATC, we will publish details of all its Participants. Anyone can visit this website to watch trading dynamics of any Expert Advisor and its characteristics. We will also publish weekly statistical reports, interviews with Participants and useful articles. These materials are intended to show the full information on performance of automated trading systems and help traders to develop profitable Expert Advisors.

As distinct from previous competitions, MQL5-programs will participate in Championship 2010. "This year we are going to release the new MetaTrader 5 Platform with the new Expert Advisor development environment — MQL5. That's why we decided to conduct the new competition among Expert Advisors written in MQL5." — the senior developer of the MetaTrader 5 client terminal and the MQL5 environment said.

For the three years of the competition conduction, the Championship has become extremely popular being a specialized site where developers from all over the world can demonstrate their programs. Many EA writers use the Championship as a chance to show their programs and advertise their services. We invite you to take part in the Automated Trading Championship 2010 and prove that you know how to develop profitable Expert Advisors.

3 mars 2010

Le nouveau site Internet pour les développeurs d'Expert Advisors MQL5 Expert Advisors est lancé —

Le site Internet pour les développeurs d'applications MQL5 apparaît en 2010. 

Le nouveau site Internet pour les développeurs d'Expert Advisors MQL5 Expert Advisors est lancé —

C'est actuellement la plus puissante communauté de développeurs de robots de trading dans le monde, fournissant énormément de services — trading social, boutique d'applications de trading, bibliothèque de programmes MQL gratuits, service Freelance, blogs, articles et toutes les documentations nécessaires.


2 novembre 2009

Beta Testing of MetaTrader 5 Kicked Off Today!

Today we are pleased to announce the public testing of the MetaTrader 5 client terminal. It is open to anyone who wishes to test the new terminal. To register as a tester, just proceed to download the terminal and test it. All testers are invited to report bugs and make suggestions via email or publish them here.

During the testing period, the client terminal is available in English only. If you have any difficulties, please check out the built-in Help, which is also available in English.

You can download MetaTrader 5 Client Terminal by clicking on the following link: (7Mb)

We thank you in advance for your contribution on the MetaTrader 5 terminal testing.

Scope Work for MetaTrader 5 Testing

  1. The platform testing will take approximately 5-6 months.
  2. This will be a stage-by-stage testing. New features will be added during each stage. During the first testing stage that starts today, the client terminal will work with Forex only. Later on we will add Futures, equities and options.
  3. The current terminal version comes in without a strategy tester. It will be included later.
  4. Commencing November 2009, the testing of back-office components of the platform will be open to brokerage companies.

We are committed to delivering a truly stable, high-quality product, that's why the testing is evolving into a multi-stage process. We just wish to ensure the highest quality in every stage of the process before we release the platform to our clients.

Best regards,
MetaQuotes Software Corp.

2 novembre 2009

September 9, 2009 — Milestone Day for MetaTrader 5!

September 9, 2009 marks a major milestone in our effort to make the MetaTrader 5 trading platform available to our clients. We are in the final stage of its development and announce the beginning of its closed beta-testing.

The new client terminal has been sent to some members of the for testing. They will help us find and fix errors that, unfortunately, oftentimes slip through when new products are developed. Being created from scratch, MetaTrader 5 is no exception.

The MetaTrader 5 terminal has been already comprehensively tested in our testing department. However, we decided to conduct this closed testing, so that ultimately the general public gets the most stable and reliable terminal. The closed testing will be followed by the public beta-testing where everyone can participate. Just stay tuned!

4 mai 2009

Automated Trading Championship 2009 Will Not Be Conducted

Dear clients,

Organization and conduction of the Automated Trading Championship is a very complicated and cost-consuming project. For the maintenance of this competition our company needs to involve tens of specialists from different departments. Among persons involved in the conduction of Championships there are developers of trading platforms and specialists of the software testing department.

MetaTrader 5 Trading Platform

As you might know, now we are engaged in the development of a new trading platform MetaTrader 5; its release is planned for this year. All our forces are now concentrated on the platform release, and soon it will be presented to you for beta testing. Focusing all our resources on this release, we don't want to be distracted from this target.

Besides, the new platform will contain a new environment for the development of trading strategies - MQL5 IDE. We find it more reasonable to conduct the next Championship using the new language. However, it is unlikely that potential participants will manage to learn MQL5 and write new Expert Advisors in it. Due to this the number of potential Participants may be much lower - this is sure to have a negative effect on the attraction of the Championship.

Taking into account all this we decided not to conduct the ATC this year. Instead of this we will concentrate our efforts on the release of the new MetaTrader 5 platform and next year we will conduct the Championship for Expert Advisors written in MQL5.

1 février 2009

Le Systeme de Gestion d'Entreprise TeamWox est Sorti

En 2006, nous avons développé notre premier système de gestion d'entreprise (Groupware) pour les besoins de la société. Initiallement, l'application n'était pas destinée à être vendue. Elle nous permettait d'établir une véritable interaction au sein de la société et de résoudre les problèmes causés par sa croissance rapide. Avec le temps, nous avons décidé que de tels problèmes sont typiques à toutes les sociétés, et le système Groupware pouvait leur être utile également. Le développement du système commercial TeamWox démarrait. Il inclut actuellement toutes nos réalisations et toute notre expérience dans le développement et dans l'utilisation des systèmes de type groupware. TeamWox est un outil simple, pratique et fonctionnel pour la gestion d'une société moderne.

Système de Gestion d'Entreprise TeamWox

Au début de 2009, le système TeamWox a fait ses débuts sur le marché devenant disponible à la vente. La version basique de TeamWox contient une téléphonie VOIP gratuite, un flux de documents électroniques, des rapports automatiques, une base clients unifiée avec un canal de vente, l'intégration avec les sites Internet des sociétés et un module de support technique.


23 décembre 2006

Championnat de Trading Automatique 2006

En 2006, les riches fonctionnalités de l'environnement MQL4 permettent à la société d'organiser le premier Championnat de Trading Automatique annuel. Jamais auparavant une compétition d'Expert Advisors n'avait été vue à ce niveau dans le monde. Les robots de trading de 258 développeurs se sont affrontés pour un prix de $80.000 en 12 semaines de compétition. Le gagnant Roman Zamozhnyy a augmenté son dépôt de 250% et à gagné $40.000 sur les marchés.

Championnat de Trading Automatique 2006

Le Championnat a suscité l'intérêt des traders et des courtiers encourageant le développement du trading automatisé de par le monde.


1 juillet 2005

Sortie de la Plateforme de Trading MetaTrader 4

Après deux ans de développement, le plus populaire terminal de trading MetaTrader 4 est sorti, devenant de facto un standard dans le trading du Forex et fournissant aux millions de trading un outil de travail fiable. Comme d'habitude, le produit a été redéveloppé entièrement et fournit de nombreuses différences fondamentales. 

Plateforme de trading MetaTrader 4

Des innovations ont été introduites pratiquement partout - depuis les nouveaux terminaux pour mobiles jusqu'à la fondamentalement nouvelle architecture distribuée de l'intégralité de la plateforme. Le terminal client devint une fois de plus le plus fonctionnel et le plus populaire sur le marché. La nouvelle plateforme comprenait également l'IDE MQL4 - un environnement de développement des stratégies de trading qui a révolutionné le développement des applications de trading automatique.

La version MetaTrader 4 Mobile pour les appareils mobiles est sortie en octobre 2005.


20 octobre 2003

Sortie des Premiers terminaux pour mobiles

Les premiers terminaux pour mobiles pour le trading du Forex (MetaTrader 3 CE et MetaTrader pour Palm) sont sortis en 2003. 

La plateforme de trading la plus populaire au monde

Les terminaux ont été rapidement appréciés des utilisateurs, élargissant la base de clients de la société et augmentant la popularité de MetaTrader dans le monde.

17 juillet 2003

La plateforme de trading MetaTrader est sortie

La Plateforme de Trading MetaTrader a été développée entièrement et dispose d'une efficacité et de fonctionnalités accrûes la rendant une fois de plus plus efficace que ses prédécesseurs. La liste des marchés supportés est élargie avec les Futures, et le terminal client comporte le nouveau langage de programmation des stratégies de trading — MQL II.

Plateforme de Trading MetaTrader


18 décembre 2000

Sortie de la plateforme de trading MetaQuotes

La nouvelle plateforme diffère de l'ancienne version par ses fonctionnalités supérieures. 

Sortie de la plateforme de trading MetaQuotes

Le plus important est que le nouveau terminal client était fourni avec un langage intégré de programmation des stratégies de trading - le MetaQuotes Language (MQL). Il permettait aux utilisateurs de développer des robots de trading.

27 novembre 2000

MetaQuotes Software Corp. est établi

MetaQuotes Software Corp. est établi. L'application de trading FX Charts est sortie.

L'application de trading FX Charts est sortie.

Ce logiciel était un nouveau produit vraiment révolutionnaire sur la marché des logiciels spécialisés dans le courtage du Forex. Les premiers clients ont été attirés.