19 août 2013

MetaTrader 5 Trading Platform Integrated with FastMatch Liquidity Provider

MetaQuotes Software Corp. has released MetaTrader 5 Gateway to FastMatch connecting MetaTrader 5 trading platform to FastMatch. This liquidity gateway provides a simple, fast and secure integration solution for brokers.

MetaTrader 5 Trading Platform Integrated with FastMatch Liquidity Provider

FastMatch is a heavy-duty matching system of foreign exchange that offers its customers access to a large pool of diversified liquidity at unparalleled speed, as well as complete transparency and excellent customer service. FastMatch has a diverse set of clients, including retail brokers, banks and various financial institutions.

At present, all brokers working with MetaTrader 5 have access to this liquidity provider. The connection to FastMatch is performed via the new, specially designed gateway.

19 août 2013

MetaTrader 5 Trading Platform Certified by Australian Securities Exchange (ASX)

We are happy to announce the certification of the MetaTrader 5 trading platform by Australian Securities Exchange (ASX). It is a primary stock exchange in Australia and one of the largest exchanges in the Asian Region. Brokers working on ASX now have the opportunity to serve clients using MetaTrader 5. Certification means that MetaTrader 5 has passed all necessary tests and meets all requirements of the ASX exchange.

MetaTrader 5 Trading Platform Certified by Australian Securities Exchange (ASX)

Australia is the thirteenth largest economic country in the world and one of the third largest countries in the Asia-Pacific region. The Australian stock market is the eighth one in the world and the second one in the Asia-Pacific region. Thus, traders working at the main Australian exchange may enjoy a wide field of activity. To start their work at the exchange, they only need to download MetaTrader 5 and choose a broker having MetaTrader 5 Gateway to ASX.

MetaTrader 5 Gateway to ASX is a simple and secure integration solution for brokers providing fully-featured access to the exchange with the ability to perform trading operations and receive quotes.

All MetaTrader 5 features are available on ASX, therefore brokers will receive a powerful and convenient platform having many useful services that will be appreciated by their clients. These services include social trading with automatic copying of deals, mobile applications for trading via smartphones and tablets and MetaTrader AppStore having plenty of trading robots and technical indicators.

12 août 2013

You Can Now Deposit Funds to Your Account via Visa QIWI Wallet

We have expanded payment system options by adding QIWI Wallet as a new way to deposit funds to your account.

This is already the fourth method of depositing money: now, you can use Visa QIWI Wallet along with WebMoney, PayPal and bank cards. Payment is made in rubles, charged commission is 1%, minimum payment is 100 rubles.

To deposit funds to your account, go to Payments section of your profile, select "Deposit to account" and choose QIWI Wallet from the four available options.

Deposit Funds to Your Account via Visa QIWI Wallet

On the new page, specify the amount of funds in rubles to be deposited and your mobile phone number which is used as an identifier in the Visa QIWI Wallet payment system.

Specify the Amount of Funds in Rubles to be Deposited and Your Mobile Phone Number

After the payment is confirmed, secure connection with Visa QIWI Wallet service is established, and you are offered to pay for an automatically generated invoice.

QIWI Wallet Invoice

You can pay for it in several ways:

  • Online payment in Visa QIWI Wallet service. This is the easiest and fastest way, if there is enough money on your account in this payment system. Simply log into the system by entering a password and confirm the payment with one-time code that you will receive by SMS.

  • Payment kiosk. This option is convenient, as you can pay for invoice in cash using any QIWI payment kiosk.

  • Bank card. If a bank card is bound to your Visa QIWI Wallet, then after authorization you will need to confirm the payment by entering card data and CVV2 or CVC2 verification code.

  • WebMoney. If WebMoney purse is bound to your Visa QIWI Wallet, then after authorization the invoice will be paid using funds on your WebMoney purse.

You can find detailed instructions on the first two Visa QIWI Wallet invoice payment methods (online and payment kiosk) in the appropriate section of Payment System article.

When depositing funds to your account, standard QIWI commission of 1% from the specified amount is charged. After the funds have been successfully transferred, they appear on your account immediately.

Choose the most convenient way to deposit funds to your account and use built-in services: Jobs freelance service, MetaTrader 4/5 AppStore and Trading Signals for MetaTrader platforms!

9 août 2013

Automatic Translation of Forum Messages from Any Language forum now features automatic translation of any messages. You can translate any forum message, regardless of its source language, into one of 12 languages: Arabic, Indonesian, Thai, Spanish, Italian, Vietnamese, German, Korean, Chinese, French, Portuguese and Japanese. Thus, you can translate forum messages from any language.

Automatic Translation of Forum Messages from Any Language

Write in your mother tongue and communicate with participants in the way you like. Now, everyone will be able to understand you! Translate any Forum discussions in two clicks and read them in your native language. So, you will also be able to understand anyone!  

Automatic Translation of Forum Messages

The editor of forum messages has also obtained some new features. After you have prepared your message in any language, you can translate it into one of the three interface languages (English, Russian or Chinese) right in the editor. To do that, click Translate button on the editor's panel.

Click Translate Button on the Editor's Panel 

There are no linguistic barriers on forum any more. Now, you are able to find common language with all community members!

31 juillet 2013 Features Another Handy Social Function – Adding to Friends via the Forum

After launching the News Feed, we continue to expand social functions of Now you can not only share any Forum message via social networks but also quickly add its author to friends.

This can be done by clicking + sign to the right of Share icon:

Adding to Friends via the Forum

Thus, you can add an author of a message you liked to friends in two clicks.

Please pay the most serious attention to filling out your profile. Avatar, background image, detailed description, link to your website – all these things can be important to a user who wants to add you to friends. Therefore, we recommend that you add as much information about yourself and your activity as possible, including your avatar and the background image. This will facilitate more effective communication with other traders within

Fill out your profile, upload an avatar and a background image, share the news and add members to friends via the Forum instantly!

18 juillet 2013 is Now Available in Chinese!

Following the Russian and English versions of the website, we are now launching the Chinese version.

Seeing the great importance of the Chinese market, this is a well-timed step - Chinese users of should feel comfortable using the website. The language barrier is no longer an issue. is now available in your native language. Everybody who is interested in automated trading in financial markets will find it on which is a reliable source of useful information offered in three languages - English, Russian and Chinese!

With the launch of the Chinese version of the website, we expect to see a significant increase in the number of people using it. The website offers unique information that cannot be found on other websites and has a one of a kind community of MQL5 developers. Access to this knowledge base is now available to Chinese speaking users.

The entire website interface has already been translated into Chinese, including the Documentation section. Translations of all the articles in the Articles section and the code library provided in CodeBase are currently underway. This requires the input of huge resources, efforts and time but we are committed to investing in the development of the Chinese version of the website, as well as the improvement of MQL5 skills and knowledge of the Chinese users.

Moreover, experienced translators are welcome to join our team to work on the translation of the articles. If you are willing to help and have the necessary skills to translate from English or Russian into Chinese, feel free to apply. This is not just an opportunity for you to earn an extra income but to also share your knowledge by contributing to the development of in Chinese.

We invite all Chinese speaking traders and developers to!

8 juillet 2013

Social Trading with the MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 Trading Platforms

What is social trading? It is a mutually beneficial cooperation of traders and investors whereby successful traders allow monitoring of their trading and potential investors take the opportunity to monitor their performance and copy trades of those who look more promising.

You monitor real-time trading of a number of traders, connect to the most successful ones and copy their trades in automatic mode - that's what social trading is about. For novice and inexperienced traders who have just turned to financial markets for additional income, it is probably the best opportunity to actually start trading.

Social Trading with the MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 Trading Platforms

You do not need to be a professional trader with a great bundle of knowledge and skills in order to trade professionally. Nor do you need to follow and analyze the news from financial markets, work out and implement trading strategies and be prepared to change the ones that fail to keep monitoring their performance in the new market conditions. Thanks to social trading it all becomes unnecessary since you can simply copy trades of all those who follow the news, analyze markets and create profitable strategies.    

Is it difficult to start mirror trading and how much does it take? While hedge fund investing was not available to many due to high entry threshold (hundreds of thousands and millions of dollars), social trading is a highly affordable system available to absolutely any trader with any income level. It opens up access to a large market with vast opportunities that you, too, can use.

Social trading advantages are obvious:

  • Additional income for both traders and investors
  • Investment diversification
  • Opportunity to connect to the most successful traders and automatically mirror their trades
  • Low entry threshold: you can start with a minimum budget
  • Practice opportunities: you can trade on demo accounts in a training mode
  • Time saving
  • High operability and user-friendly interface

Ready to take the opportunities offered by social trading but don't know where to start? MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 are the most famous and popular platforms for social and mirror trading, with Trading Signals service being a very convenient, advanced social trading feature offered in these platforms. Social trading with the MetaTrader platforms is very straightforward: the user chooses the signal directly in the terminal, subscribes to it and from that moment on all trades are copied in his account.

Trading Signals with Automatic Execution on Your Account

Social trading with MetaTrader will allow you to monitor trading activity and profitability of successful traders, and most importantly, copy their trades. If you see a positive trend in performance of one of the traders whose signal is available for subscription, go ahead with it and start copying his trades. The trading terminal will automatically mirror all trades of the signals provider in your account, without any manual intervention necessary.

So, after subscribing the trader can earn money using the Signals service, without effort, skills or trading experience.

After all, social trading should be simple and straightforward to be easily understood by traders with any background. We cannot but admit it. In this light, MetaTrader trading signals appear to be perfectly adequate. They are available to any user, regardless of their trading experience. Here, you are not required to sign an agreement with a provider of the selected signal or a broker, nor is there any paperwork or manual control necessary. Everything is done automatically.

All you need is to specify your broker and enter the number of your account on the broker's server. Nothing more than that. Subscription process will take very little time. The description of a step-by-step subscription procedure is available in the article entitled "How to Subscribe to Trading Signals". After reading it, you will subscribe to the signal of your choice quickly and easily. 

How to Subscribe to Trading Signals

Despite being seemingly complicated, choosing a provider of the suitable signal has been made as simple as possible - the Trading Signals section features a regularly updated list of providers. By default, signals on the list are sorted by quality ensuring that top positions are taken by signals with higher credibility and better financial performance. However, for your convenience trading signals can also be sorted by monthly growth, number of subscribers, price and other parameters.

Social trading with the MetaTrader trading platforms is easy, straightforward and available to everyone. Out of thousands of available signals providers, you just need to choose the one that suits you more and measures up to your parameters!

3 juillet 2013

Seminar on the Advantages of MetaTrader 5 and MetaTrader 5 Gateway to WSE Successfully Held in Warsaw

The Seminar on the Advantages of MetaTrader 5 and MetaTrader 5 Gateway to WSE was successfully held in Warsaw Marriott Hotel on June 27, 2013. The gateway to the Warsaw Stock Exchange attracted a great interest of a number of key Polish financial market players, especially WSE members. The seminar participants were not only interested in presentation of the gateway but also in upgrading from MetaTrader 4 to MetaTrader 5.

Seminar on the Advantages of MetaTrader 5 and MetaTrader 5 Gateway to WSE Successfully Held in Warsaw

"The Polish financial market demonstrates steady growth. We see great potential for brokers in this region and intend to strengthen and expand our presence here", sums up Renat Fatkhullin, CEO of MetaQuotes Software Corp. - "We are pleased to have organized the seminar, seeing that our expectations have been adequate: we have reached an agreement with one brokerage company and are currently negotiating contracts with a number of other companies. We are committed to further development in this area and look forward to new achievements".

21 juin 2013

New Reward Scheme for Attracting Users

We have recently launched a poll on forum to know your opinion on the affiliate program. As we have expected, the option "Yes, I sell trading applications and signals and I am ready to share my margin with affiliates" has turned out to be the most popular.

Now, we want to reveal the details of the planned affiliate program. The new reward scheme will help members promote their products and signals. It is beneficial both for sellers and promoters. While participating in the program, sellers will increase sales volumes of their applications, signals providers will attract more subscribers and promoters of affiliate web links will receive their well-earned interest from sellers and providers. It is a win-win situation for all the participants!

New Reward Scheme for Attracting Users

Have you posted a web link or a widget of a Market product and it has been used by a purchaser? Then your reward is waiting for you! Have you shared a web link or a widget of a paid signal and a trader has subscribed to it? Then it's time to receive your payoff! 

Sellers and signals providers can specify the size of the reward to be received by promoters. The payoff is calculated relative to the product's full price – application developer/provider specifies the percentage value that is to be transferred to a promoter's account at the time of purchase/subscription. For example, if the application's cost is 100 US Dollars and the payoff is set to 25%, a promoter will receive 25 US Dollars to his or her account.

Signal or Market product editing web pages allow you to specify the payoff amount (in percentage value of the product's full price) to be transferred to a promoter when a web link or a widget is activated.

Potential promoters can find out the payoff amount at an affiliate web link and widget receiving block of the product's page.

Promoters can track their affiliate web links and earned funds via Partner section of their profile. Both the total number of attractions and the number of successful ones are displayed there. Successful attractions are the ones followed by subscription to the signal or purchasing a product in the Market using an affiliate web link. In addition, the amount of US Dollars earned at each web link to a particular product or signal is displayed.

Partner section of profile

Now, it has become much easier to encourage members in advertising your products and signals, as soon as real money is involved. Share your profit with community members who are willing to distribute web links and widgets of your applications and signals and become popular with our affiliate program! We offer more customers for you and more profit for your promoters!

6 juin 2013

Seminar on the Advantages of MetaTrader 5 and MetaTrader 5 Gateway to WSE to be Held in Warsaw on June 27, 2013 We are pleased to invite you to our seminar specifically tailored for executives of financial institutions in Poland. It will be held in Warsaw Marriott Hotel on 27th of June and will focus on the advantages and operational aspects of the MetaTrader 5 trading platform.

Ventajas de la plataforma comercial MetaTrader 5 de la puerta de enlace MetaTrader 5 Gateway to WSE

At the seminar, our representatives will provide insight into the advantages of MetaTrader 5, demonstrate how the trading platform works at Warsaw Stock Exchange (WSE) and answer all your questions.

4 juin 2013

MQL5 Reference Is Now Available in Seven Languages Including Italian!

We are pleased to announce that MQL5 Reference is now available in 7 languages including Italian.

MetaTrader 5 trading platform is popular among traders all over the world and we strive to make it closer to people. It is much more convenient and pleasant to work with the application translated into your native language.

MQL5 Reference Is Now Available in Seven Languages Including Italian!

MetaTrader 5 interface has already been translated into more than 20 languages. Italian has become the seventh language offered by MQL5 Help. The Help contains loads of useful information for developers of trading robots including:

  • 2740 sections
  • 213 images
  • 326 functions
  • 1237 constant and enumeration values
  • 186 Standard Library classes

At the same time, we do not forget about the user guide for the trading terminal itself. It is now available in 7 languages: English, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Bulgarian, Chinese and Italian. User guides in French and Turkish are under development and will be available soon.

All user guides can be downloaded right from MetaTrader 5, Documentation section and official web site.

Benvenuto, MQL5!

1 mai 2013

MetaTrader 5 Certified by Warsaw Stock Exchange (WSE)

We are happy to announce the certification of the MetaTrader 5 trading platform by Warsaw Stock Exchange (WSE). It is one of the fastest-growing markets of Central and Eastern Europe, and WSE is the leader of this region in terms of capitalization, trading turnover and the number of quoted instruments. Now, any broker can use MetaTrader 5 to serve traders on this exchange.

MetaTrader 5 Certified by Warsaw Stock Exchange

Certification means that MetaTrader 5 has passed all necessary tests and meets all requirements of the stock exchange. The special gateway has been developed for MetaTrader 5 to provide connection to Warsaw Stock Exchange.

Several major brokers and potential clients of the company have already expressed their interest in using MetaTrader 5 in their work on WSE. The appropriate negotiations are currently underway. The work on the platform's integration with other world stock exchanges is going at full speed and the functionality of the existing gateways is also being expanded.

18 avril 2013

MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 Mobile Terminals Hit the One Million Users Mark!

Five months ago, we reported on 500 000 users of MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 mobile platforms. By April 2013, this number has doubled reaching the level of one million mobile MetaTrader users! Such a good momentum clearly shows that our mobile applications are in demand among the widest possible audience.

MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 Mobile Terminals Hit the One Million Users Mark!

"We are greatly encouraged by reaching the level of one million users of MetaTrader mobile platforms. This means that we are on the right track, and our solutions meet the needs of traders" - comments Gaies Chreis, COO of MetaQuotes Software Corp.   

The statistical data has been gathered during the year from the time when MetaQuotes IDs were introduced in the mobile terminals. These unique identifiers allowed us to determine the exact amount of actually used mobile terminals.

Download and update MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 mobile terminals. The two million users mark is just around the corner!

5 avril 2013

Rating System of Trading Signals Improved

We have revised the rating system of MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 trading signals. Now, the system considers the signal's quality based on the trust of its subscribers. Thus, the more subscribers connect to the signal, the more credibility it has. As a result, the rating of such signal will be higher. The rating system will be the same both for paid and free signals.

Rating System of Trading Signals Improved

Considering that sorting by quality will be enabled by default, signals having higher credibility will become more noticeable. However, trading signals can still be sorted out by growth, number of subscribers, price and other parameters for more convenience.

We hope that the new rating system will simplify your search for the appropriate trading signals.

2 avril 2013

MetaTrader 5 Trading Platform Certified by Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME)

We are pleased to announce the official certification of the MetaTrader 5 trading platform by the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME). Due to this, CME brokers now have the opportunity to use MetaTrader 5 when dealing with their customers at CME.

The certification awarded officially denotes that MetaTrader 5 meets all the technical requirements set by CME in relation to futures trading. The trading platform connects to the exchange via a specially developed gateway that ensures correct handling of market data, as well as trading operations and generates reports as required by CME.

MetaTrader 5 Trading Platform Certified by Chicago Mercantile Exchange

Apart from CME, the trading platform has already been certified by a number of various world exchanges. However, the platform has evolved beyond exchange certifications. During the first two months of this year, two brokers at Moscow Exchange have already launched MetaTrader 5 for Live trading. More brokers are preparing to offer Live trading very soon on the exchange through MetaTrader 5.

Stock exchange traders' response to the MetaTrader 5 trading platform that previously associated the platform only with Forex market, appeared to be very positive. The platform major advantages as per trader feedback so far include high performance, a wide range of analytical functionality and the ability to use advanced solutions in the field of mobile and automated trading.

"MetaTrader 5 has appeared to be a very good choice for us, - comments Alexander Dubrov, Head of Internet Trading in Otkritie Financial Corporation. The back office solution is the best we have seen and the interface is very user-friendly. Judging by the first positive feedback from traders, the trading platform has a promising future."

Having completed the CME certification, MetaQuotes Software Corp. now intends to focus on brokerage companies that are members of CME. "Realizing that the launch of a new platform can be quite challenging for a broker, we proactively offer our assistance and support to stock market participants, - says Gaies Chreis, COO of MetaQuotes Software Corp. It is certainly a complex process that requires time but based on the traders' feedback so far, we stand a good chance."

In addition, the company keeps working on the integration of MetaTrader 5 with other world exchanges. In the next two months, we are planning to complete the certification for TURKDEX and Warsaw Stock Exchange.

4 février 2013

BM&FBOVESPA's Financial Instruments Now in MetaTrader 5

MetaQuotes Software Corp. has reached an agreement with BM&FBOVESPA, Brazil's leading financial exchange, and gained the right to transmit delayed market data via the MetaTrader 5 trading platform free of charge.

Market data or, in other words, market quotes are often provided by exchanges for a certain fee. The agreement with BM&FBOVESPA allows MetaQuotes to transmit 15 minute delayed market data for all instruments traded on BM&FBOVESPA via the MetaTrader 5 trading platform. Stock indices (e.g. the IBOV stock index) are the only exception, with their data being available in real-time.

BM&FBOVESPA's Financial Instruments Now in MetaTrader 5

Access to quotes for financial instruments traded on the exchange is possible by simply downloading the MetaTrader 5 trading terminal from the website of the official agent of the Company in Brazil ( That version of the trading platform has already been set up to receiving market data provided by BM&FBOVESPA and allows you to work with such data using demo accounts. This opportunity is available to all interested users trading on BM&FBOVESPA.

MetaQuotes' representatives believe that the arrangement with BM&FBOVESPA will help the Company to strengthen its position in the region. "We are committed to providing traders in Brazil with the most comprehensive range of services, - says Erico Contenta, Head of MetaQuotes' Brazil Office. This will allow us to achieve higher exposure and faster development of our Company in this region".

Strategically, the agreement with BM&FBOVESPA is yet another milestone towards a collaboration of MetaQuotes, a leader in the Forex software market, with financial exchanges globally. With this objective in view, the Company developed the MetaTrader 5 trading platform specifically to ensure proper operation in stock markets. Relations with well-known exchanges, such as London Stock Exchange (LSE) and Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) have also been established and their integrations to MetaTrader 5 are actively in development.

30 janvier 2013

The Wall — A New Feature on!

We continue the development of, with an emphasis on social networking. And today we are pleased to announce the launch of the new website feature - the Wall.

The Wall is a digest encompassing all that is currently happening in the community and displays a variety of achievements. It reflects the entire activity of The Wall highlights new Forum threads and Market best-sellers, shows the number of new screenshots posted and signals that have become available for subscription. Click on the Wall and you will immediately be "in the know" of what is out there in the community.

The Wall - A New Feature on!

In addition, events can be monitored in your preferred community sections. All posts on the wall are divided into 6 categories - Articles, Forum, Code Base, Market, Signals and Charts. The entire history of the community is now available to you among other things, as the Wall covers all events from the launch of till now.

This allows you to get a quick insight into the life at at the present moment. It is somewhat similar to well-known social networks where recent activities of the member's friends are displayed on the member's home page. In our case the Wall makes it possible to conveniently view community members' activities on one page!  

15 janvier 2013

New MetaTrader 5 iPhone Features Chat with Users, Classification of Messages and Much More

The functionality of MetaTrader 5 iPhone mobile platform has been significantly upgraded. The latest version features a large number of innovations and improvements providing comfortable work in the financial markets right from the mobile device.  

First, we have added the ability to arrange a chat conversation with any registered user. Specify the desired user's login in a message recipient's section to send a message directly to this user's mobile device. To do this, specify MetaQuotes ID in your profile. Thus, users of MetaTrader 5 mobile version can communicate with any member at any time.

Chat with Users        Classification of Messages in MetaTrader 5 for iOS

Second, we have added classification of messages. It means that all messages received from the system are divided into 5 types according to their senders: Chat (conversations with users), Broker (broker's messages), Terminal (alerts and notifications from launched Expert Advisors), Community (various messages from, including depositing funds on the account or execution of an ordered work) and Other (anything that is not related to the previous 4 types).

Quick View of an Account Summary Data        MetaTrader 5 iPhone localization

These are not all the innovations introduced in MetaTrader 5 iPhone. We should also mention support for background mode: now, when the application is closed, it switches to the background mode saving the current operating state. Besides, in the new version, users can have a quick view of an account summary data. Besides, the audio signal is now activated when receiving a push notification. If necessary, the signal can be disabled in notification settings.

We also continue MetaTrader 5 iPhone localization: the new version features Polish and Czech languages. It is important for us to make sure that the mobile terminal works in a fast and reliable manner using a language the user understands.  

Download the new version of the mobile platform and receive all these MetaTrader 5 iPhone features. The application can be updated via AppStore or directly from your iPhone/iPad.

The entire power of MetaTrader 5 trading platform is in your pocket now!

14 janvier 2013

MetaQuotes Software Corp. Opens Its Representative Office in India

MetaQuotes Software Corp. announces the expansion of its offices. TradeNTrain has become the company's agent in India. This is the eighth representative office of MetaQuotes Software Corp. in the world.

The office in Brazil was opened in May 2012 becoming the company's first official agent in the Americas. Now, MetaQuotes Software has decided to strengthen its presence in the Asian market. The company believes that the representative office in the Indian subcontinent will reinforce its positions on the local market and provide clients with high-quality support and service.

The new agent sales and supports all software products of MetaQuotes Software Corp. This means that TradeNTrain offers a certified service to the customers using MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 trading platforms, as well as TeamWox business management system. Considering the growing interest in MetaQuotes Software products in the region, establishing the new office is an important step in becoming even closer to clients.  

MetaQuotes Software Corp. Opens Its Representative Office in India

"Our mission in TradeNTrain is to help our clients simplify their work both on financial markets and within their companies to the greatest possible extent. MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5 and TeamWox are aimed at solving these issues. Technological advantages of MetaQuotes Software applications make this task quite feasible. The rapidly growing Indian markets attract more and more traders who need a trading platform with a user-friendly interface. Becoming an Indian representative of MetaQuotes Software, we are glad to meet the rising demand" - says Manoj Choudhary, Head of the MetaQuotes Software office in India. 

"The active expansion to the East is one of the key elements in strengthening the company's positions in the global market" - adds Gaies Chreis, COO of MetaQuotes Software Corp. "We want to ensure that our clients are able to contact us directly and receive high-quality and efficient service wherever they are. Becoming a world-class service company is the goal we pursue by opening new offices around the world."


Cardinal Gracias Road
Mumbai – 400099
Tel.:  +91 22 66206900
Fax: +91 22 66206999


18 décembre 2012

Twenty Cents for Each MetaTrader 5 Installation Via Your Link!

In the spring time, we released the new feature on – "Attract Visitors". Users started receiving rating points for each web link that was placed on a third-party web site and used to attract new members of Articles, orders in Jobs, programs in CodeBase, trading signals, MQL5 Cloud Network, MQL5 Market applications and even user's own profile – you can place web links on almost everything. Thus, active members can increase their ratings and convert their rating points to credits – the system's internal currency.

Ten Cents for Each MetaTrader 5 Installation Via Your Link!

Now we go further and introduce an additional opportunity to increase the rating. All registered web site users can find a referral link for downloading MetaTrader 5 client terminal in their profiles and place it on third-party web sites to increase their ratings in case of real downloads. We should warn those who are going to use any fraudulent schemes: rating points will be added only in case a user who downloaded the terminal actually starts working in it. A user who placed the referral link will receive 10 points (=20 cents) for each download of the terminal.

The entire algorithm looks as follows:

  1. web site user enters his or her profile, clicks "Achievements" and finds "To the MetaTrader 5 Terminal" subsection at the bottom of the web page containing the referral link for downloading MetaTrader 5 load file. This is a special referral link which has a user ID proving that the link was used for downloading MetaTrader 5.

  2. Copy the link and place it on the web site you are interested in. This may be your page in a social networking service, a personal web site, blog or forum.
  3. Any user coming to your web site can see this link, download the terminal in one click and start using it.
  4. As soon as this action is confirmed on, you receive 10 points to your rating as the link owner. Obtained points can be converted to credits at the rate of 50:1. It means that you can receive 1 credit for 50 points of your rating (5 downloads via your link). 

Thus, we pay you 20 cents per each MetaTrader 5 download via your link. So, have you copied the link in your profile, placed it on your web site and some users have already clicked on it and downloaded MetaTrader 5? Then it's time to receive some profit! One download brings twenty cents, while ten downloads bring one dollar!   

As you can see, all is quite simple. Just copy the special web link for downloading MetaTrader 5 and place it on your web site. As soon as users start downloading MetaTrader 5 via your link, your rating on will significantly increase. Just give it a try!