MetaTrader 5 Client Terminal build 408

Últimas actualizaciones: Terminal: Message about deletion of an account in a client terminal is written into the journal

3 marzo 2011

  1. Terminal: Message about deletion of an account in a client terminal is written into the journal.
  2. Terminal: Fixed formation of the depth of market during its first startup.
  3. MQL5: Added the CHARTEVENT_CHART_CHANGE even of chart characteristics changes: size, color, template, etc.
  4. MQL5: Fixed omission of an error message when the sign ";" is missed.
  5. MQL5: Fixed a warning on the comparison of bool types with other data types.
  6. MQL5: Prefix clr* added to color constants: the GreenYellow color now will be called clrGreenYellow. The old color names will be supported for the next few builds.
  7. MQL5: Fixed color to string and string to color typecasting.
  8. MQL5: Fixed chart property change CHART_BRING_TO_TOP.
  9. MQL5: Fixed behavior of MQL5 programs if custom indicator loading fails.
  10. MQL5: Updated the Standard Library. Fixed the Resize method of classes of dynamic arrays CArray *.
  11. MetaTester: Fixed update of remote agents.
  12. MetaTester: Fixed setting of a symbol and a period of testing for an Expert Advisor during the repeated run.
  13. MetaTester: The process of a remote testing agent is set a lower priority for a more flexible scheduling of computer resources.
  14. MetaTester: Fixed freeing up of memory with historical data in case there are no new connections.
  15. MetaEditor: Optimized work of MetaAssist.
  16. MetaEditor: Fixed processing of the do ... while snippet.
  17. MetaEditor: Added option "Only selected" in the dialog of text replacement.
  18. Fixed errors reported on the forum and in crash logs.