22 maio 2015

MetaTrader 5 Build 1150: Compra Fácil no Mercado, Depuração no Histórico, Times & Sales das Negociações

Estamos lançando um novo mecanismo de compra "direta". Agora está ainda mais fácil realizar a compra de um robô de negociação ou um indicador no...

MetaTrader 5 Build 1150: Compra Fácil no Mercado, Depuração no Histórico, Times & Sales das Negociações

21 maio 2015

5,000 Trading Apps in the MetaTrader Market!

The Market of trading applications for the MetaTrader platforms features a huge selection of robots and technical indicators from reliable software developers. When we say "huge", we mean that it is the largest and the fastest growing selection of trading apps on the web. In May 2015, the number of different products exceeded 5,000!

Only the Market provides a plethora of programs for MetaTrader — everything from sophisticated artificial intelligence robots to simple indicators. Anyone who wants to improve the level of knowledge and find out new trading ideas, will like the wide variety of financial magazines and books.

5,000 Trading Apps in the MetaTrader Market

The rapid growth in the products range is not a surprise: traders like purchasing applications straight from the platform, and developers enjoy the convenient and secure store, where they can offer their software directly to traders. The Market has minimized the distance between the seller and the buyer to facilitate search for ready-to-use trading solutions. The recent launch of the product renting option has opened up unlimited testing opportunities for those who wish to thoroughly evaluate a robot before making a decision.

Our latest improvements are aimed at the further expansion of the Market product choice — the latest builds of trading platforms feature streamlined purchasing options. The easy purchase system allows buying applications without using an account — a payment for a product can now be made straight from the trading terminal using one of the available payment systems.

19 maio 2015

The MetaTrader 5 Trading Platform Now Available on the Stock Exchange of Thailand

At the end of the last year, we informed you about the first MetaTrader 5 launched in Thailand. One of the leading Thailand brokers Apple Wealth started offering the terminal in demo mode. Recently, the company has undertaken yet another step - now, its clients trade shares at SET (Stock Exchange of Thailand) and MAI (Market of Alternative Investment). For the first time, Thai traders have now access to the most advanced platform for a full-fledged automated Exchange trading.

MetaTrader 5 Trading Platform Now Available on the Stock Exchange of Thailand

"We are pleased to offer our customers the popular automated trading ecosystem with its diversity of services" - says Chonladet Khemarattana, the managing director of Apple Wealth Securities. "With the launch of MetaTrader 5, our traders receive access to the Market containing thousands of ready-made robots and indicators, as well as to the high-quality copy trading service for automated copying of signal providers' deals, the Freelance service for ordering unique trading robots and even the built-in virtual hosting".

Thus, traders have now access to everything they need for successful algorithmic trading. They can develop trading robots themselves, buy them in the Market, order from freelancers or download for free from the Code Base. The built-in MetaTrader 5 hosting service allows users to rent a virtual platform to launch Expert Advisors and indicators for 24/7 continuous operation with minimal network latency. In other words, MetaTrader 5 offers a unique "all-in-one" application providing a full cycle of the automated trading.

In the near future, Thai traders are to receive even more powerful tool. The release of the MetaTrader 5 gateway to the Thailand Futures Exchange (TFEX) is almost complete. The gateway release will be announced after the successful completion of all necessary tests and certification procedures. Stay tuned!

5 maio 2015

New MetaTrader 5 iOS Features One-Click Demo Account Opening, Improved Chat and Support for 64-Bit Architecture

MetaTrader 5 iOS what's new, or why you need to download the latest build immediately:

  1. Now, you can open demo accounts in a single click for convenience. You do not need to specify your registration information when opening such an account.
  2. The internal chat has been optimized to offer improved message synchronization and design.
  3. Support for 64-bit architecture improves the application performance on the new Apple devices (starting with iPhone 5s and iPad Air). 
  4. The Ask line has been added to the charts at the requests of the users.
  5. The process of sending a trade request has been accelerated.
  6. The display of the financial news content has been improved. Also, the option for automatic news line filtration by language has been added.

New MetaTrader 5 iOS

The updated application features a separate category of messages notifying of the virtual hosting status. The platform localization process is progressing in full speed - interface translations in Thai, Vietnamese, Malay and Ukrainian languages have been added.

Update the MetaTrader 5 iOS right now and experience all the new developments.

1 maio 2015

MetaTrader 5 iPhone build 1105

Foi adicionado o suporte para processadores de 64 bits. Foi otimizado o bate-papo interno: foi melhorada a sincronização de mensagens e o foi...

MetaTrader 5 iPhone build 1105

27 abril 2015

MetaQuotes Software to Show Its Latest Developments and New Services at iFX EXPO 2015

Our company will present its latest technological solutions and developments at the major international iFX EXPO 2015 event to be held on May 26-28 at the Grand Resort Hotel (Limassol, Cyprus).

MetaQuotes Software to Show Its Latest Developments and New Services at iFX EXPO 2015

We will demonstrate the optimized components of MetaTrader 4/5 trading platforms and fully updated MetaTrader 4/5 mobile platforms for iOS and Android. Besides, the attendants will know about the improvements in the popular trader services:

  • The enhanced social trading service allowing traders to automatically copy trades of signal providers.
  • The unique Market of trading applications that already offers about 5 000 products meeting the demands of both beginners and professionals. Now, trading applications can also be rented.
  • The virtual hosting built into the platforms allows trading robots and signals to work non-stop with minimum delays in executing trades.

1 abril 2015

Videos on Virtual Hosting Released

Three new videos on Virtual Hosting in MetaTrader 4 and 5 are available on our YouTube channel. Now, you need only six minutes to find out how the service works, what benefits it provides and how you can manage it.

Virtual Hosting - 24 Hours Free
Virtual hosting in MetaTrader 4 and 5 will be of help to traders who want to use robots and signals 24 hours a day. It allows you to create a virtual copy of your platform and provides a better alternative to a VPS (Virtual Private Server), as it has been developed with the demands of modern traders in mind.

The advantages of our service include minimum network latency to broker services, ease of use and reasonable price. For more information, see the article "Why Virtual Hosting on the MetaTrader 4/5 Is Better than Usual VPS". In their turn, the released videos show how to rent a virtual platform, manage its trading environment and control the allocated resources.

Spend a few minutes watching our videos and do better in the financial markets.

20 março 2015

MetaTrader 5 Build 1100: Mais Rapidez nos Testes e Otimizações dos Expert Advisors

O status de conexão com a MQL5 Cloud Network agora é exibido no Gerenciador de Agentes.

MetaTrader 5 Build 1100: Mais Rapidez nos Testes e Otimizações dos Expert Advisors

12 março 2015

Read New Books About Trading Directly in MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5

We are pleased to announce that the Books section of our Market now offers 40 books about trading in English. These are the works of famous authors that can help you in analyzing data and implementing new trading ideas and strategies.

Read New Books About Trading Directly in MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5

As usual, you can purchase any publication directly in the trading platform. The only things you need are an account and sufficient funds on it. After the purchase of a book, you can download it with no restrictions within the specified number of activations. 

You Can Examine a Free Preview Version of a Book

The purchase process is fast and completely secure. In order to make the right choice, you can examine a free preview version of a book and gain some insight into the topics it covered.

Read books, improve your trading skills and trade successfully with MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5!

10 março 2015

Discover in 15 Minutes: Watch the Video about Trading Signals in MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5

Seven videos demonstrating the copy trading technology in English and Russian are available on our official YouTube channel. Watch the videos to learn how to find a suitable signal, how to analyze its trade performance, how to subscribe to a signal as well as to evaluate the effectiveness of copied deals.

Comprehensive information on trading signals is available in the Help files of the trading platforms as well as in articles published on and The video tutorials provide a faster and clearer way to discover the same information. Spend only 15 minutes to find out all you need to know about trading signals!

Watch the video on our YouTube channel, give us a Like and subscribe to be notified whenever we add a new video.

26 fevereiro 2015

500 000 Users Joined!

At the end of 2014, we informed you that the number of registered members had exceeded 440 000. By mid-February 2015, the level of 500 000 has been reached - more than half a million traders have accounts enjoying access to all services for MetaTrader platforms!

More than half a million traders have accounts

The community is steadily growing and developing, while we are constantly improving our web portal and related services. Hundreds of thousands traders have chosen This fact is the best recognition of our efforts.

Thank you for choosing us.

20 fevereiro 2015

No Mercado foi libertada a opção de aluguel de produtos

Agora no Mercado MetaTrader, é possível não só comprar aplicativos de negociação, mas também alugá-los. E isto, claramente, é mais barato do que uma licença completa. Simplesmente alugue um programa durante um tempo para se certificar de que ele é realmente o que você precisa.

Aluguel de robôs de negociação e indicadores técnicos diretamente na MetaTrader

A nova opção vai ser do interesse dos desenvolvedores, pois permite atrair mais clientes por preços mais baixos e condições de pagamento mais flexíveis. Assim, são os desenvolvedores os que além de decidir se os seus produtos irão estar disponíveis para serem alugados, definem qual será o custo adequado do aluguel.

O comprador, pela sua vez, pode verificar o aplicativo, após tê-lo comprado a um baixo custo. Ao contrário da versão demo, o programa alugado funciona sem quaisquer restrições. Após o período de aluguel expirar, você pode facilmente renova-lo ou comprar uma versão completa.

16 fevereiro 2015

MetaTrader 5 Client Terminal build 1085

Última atualização: New update of the MetaTrader 5 platform has been released. It contains the following changes: MetaTrader 5 Client Terminal build 1085 Terminal: New...

MetaTrader 5 Client Terminal build 1085

6 fevereiro 2015

Enrichers becomes the First MetaTrader 5 Broker in Pakistan to offer trading on PMEX

In recent news, we announced the launch of MetaTrader 5 integration to Moscow Exchange's Forex Market, while earlier the platform made its debut in Thailand, with Apple Wealth as the first local MetaTrader 5 broker. MetaTrader 5 has recently discovered a new growing market in Pakistan, with a greater investment opportunity. Keeping its promise of providing superior value to its clients, Enrichers Private Limited continues to expand by officially becoming the first MetaTrader 5 broker in Pakistan.

Enrichers becomes the First MetaTrader 5 Broker in Pakistan to offer trading on PMEX

Enrichers, a member broker of PMEX (Pakistan Mercantile Exchange), is a leading multi-commodity brokerage house that is committed to achieve financial excellence by educating traders about risk management. The company is one of the largest market participants and is rated as a top broker in Pakistan by PMEX.

Syed Abdullah Bukahri CEO of Enrichers states : “by using this high technology platform, PMEX traders have access to a variety of built-in services, including automated Expert Advisors, copy trading as well as the Market of applications that will assure a competitive edge of market trends and opportunities to our distinguished clients."

23 janeiro 2015

MetaTrader 5 Integration to PMEX and New MetaQuotes Office in Lahore

MetaQuotes Software Corp. announces that it is now possible to trade on Pakistan Mercantile Exchange (PMEX) via the MetaTrader 5 platform. The integration allows financial institutions that are members of the exchange, to offer the MetaTrader 5 cutting edge and powerful trading platform in an attempt to significantly enhance the trading technology for traders and meet all their needs.

PMEX is the first and only commodity futures exchange in Pakistan regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP). More than 300 PMEX members offer trading in gold, silver and oil futures, as well as other assets. With the release of the MetaTrader 5 Gateway to PMEX, all PMEX members can provide their clients with a modern platform that features a plethora of built-in services, ranging from social trading to the market of trading robot, that can satisfy every trading need.

MetaTrader 5 Integration to PMEX and New MetaQuotes Office in Lahore

"Integration of MetaTrader 5 with PMEX is a complete technological solution that fully covers the needs of the exchange members, - says Renat Fatkhullin, CEO of MetaQuotes Software. - It does not only allow brokers to trade on Pakistan Mercantile Exchange via MetaTrader 5 but also provides the entire cycle of operational client accounting. The MetaTrader 5 brokers that will use our new Gateway will have no need for additional plugins and back-office applications. MetaTrader 5 Gateway to PMEX contains all the required functionality".

Ejaz Ali Shah, Managing Director, PMEX states, “This is yet another milestone in PMEX’s brief history. We are happy to announce the successful integration of MetaTrader 5 with PMEX trading platform. Market participants now have a choice of an additional trading platform over and above PMEX’s in house trading front end – NEXT, which will provide additional flexibility to the clients in terms of trading capabilities.”

MetaQuotes Software expansion into the Pakistani market is not limited to the MetaTrader 5 certification by PMEX. To strengthen its positions in the region and server the needs of local clients, the company has established its new representative office in Lahore - METAPK. The new office objectives include customer technical support and the promotion of the entire product line of the MetaTrader technology.

"The company believes in the development of the Pakistani financial industry, and is headed to quickly become a leading provider of the best online trading solutions," - says Hamad Shah, Head of METAPK. - "Already, several major member brokers of the Pakistani exchange have expressed their interest to offer MetaTrader 5."

16 janeiro 2015

MetaTrader 5 Platform Update Build 1045: Novo formulário de função WebRequest

Última atualização: Preparatory works for virtual hosting support in MetaTrader 5 platform. Virtual hosting service allows you to rent a terminal that operates around the...

MetaTrader 5 Platform Update Build 1045: Novo formulário de função WebRequest


26 dezembro 2014

Happy New 2015 Year!

Dear friends!

We wish you a happy new year! May it bring you professional success, creative power, steady development and prosperity. Let the upcoming year be good, exciting and full of positive moments!

Happy New 2015 Year!

The year of 2014 has been extremely fruitful for MetaQuotes Software. We have managed to reach the new technological frontiers and implement our plans. One of the main events of the year is the launch of MetaTrader 5 platform on FX Market part of Moscow Exchange (MOEX). Now, traders from Russia are able to trade the ruble pairs using the most powerful platform with loads of built-in services.

The mobile versions of the trading platforms have also been considerably improved. The completely new restyled version of MetaTrader 5 for Android with the depth of market, tick chart and news appeared in Google Play one month ago. MetaTrader 4 Android is to be enhanced soon. Development of the iOS versions is also underway.

This year, we have also launched the virtual hosting service allowing traders to rent a virtual server directly in MetaTrader. This is the most efficient solution for arranging uninterrupted work of trading robots and Signal subscriptions.

Following MetaTrader 5 platform, MetaTrader 4 now features the app store of its own, which has already become the main resource for buying trading robots on the Internet. Apart from Expert Advisors and indicators, the Market now contains financial journals and books as well. 

Trading signals have been thoroughly revised as well. We have improved their look in the platforms, optimized and enhanced their description, expanded trading statistics and eased the rules by allowing partial copying and manual trading. This has led to even greater demand for copy trading built right into the platform.

More and more traders discover the benefits of Jobs service for MetaTrader 4/5. This summer, we published the interesting infographics revealing that more than 10 000 orders worth about $600,000 in total had been executed, while 3 000 customers and 300 developers had already used the service by that time!

Six months ago, we also launched the service of financial blogs - a convenient place for exchanging views, fresh information and new ideas on trading. Now, the most important financial news selected by the moderators from the multiple blog entries are sent directly to the platforms and viewed by millions of MetaTrader users.

Thus, it is not surprising that the number of registered members has tripled over the year. In the beginning of January, we had 150 000 users. Now, their number exceeds 440 000!

New representative offices have been opened in the United Arab Emirates and Republic of South Africa. MetaQuotes Software is growing and reinforcing its presence on the world map.

We become closer to our customers, no matter where they are. The amount of our products and services is rising, and their usability is constantly improving.

Thank you for your support, feedback and the right choice! Happy New Year!

12 dezembro 2014

MetaTrader 5 Platform Update Build 1035: Option Strategy Builder and Access to Ticks

Última atualização: Implementation of functions for trading options is currently underway. The Option Strategy Builder has been added.

MetaTrader 5 Platform Update Build 1035: Option Strategy Builder and Access to Ticks

26 novembro 2014

Foi totalmente atualizada a MetaTrader 5 para Android: foi realizado um redesign, adicionado o livro de ofertas, gráfico de ticks e notícias financeiras (VÍDEO)

Negociar na MetaTrader 5 a partir do seu dispositivo Android tornou-se mais cômodo e agradável. No último build, os nossos designers atualizaram significativamente o programa, é por isso que agora o aplicativo tem uma nova aparência de acordo com o guia de estilo do Google.

Foi completamente atualizada a MetaTrader 5 para Android

Nós temos trabalhado não apenas na aparência, mas também no conteúdo, é por isso que agora você tem à sua disposição novos recursos e uma funcionalidade semelhante à do aplicativo para a versão desktop:

  • Foi libertado o suporte para o livro de ofertas. A opção está disponível para símbolos cuja negociação realiza-se no modo de execução de mercado.

  • Agora, ao executar operações de negociação, você tem à sua disposição o gráfico de ticks.

  • Foi adicionado o diário de sistema, nele são salvas as informações sobre todos os eventos que tem lugar durante o funcionamento do terminal, incluindo as operações de negociação executadas.

  • Agora as notícias financeiras estão disponíveis, isto é, sem sair do terminal, você pode conferir rapidamente mensagens importantes sobre a situação nos mercados. As notícias são selecionadas por redatores, segundo o princípio "só informação realmente útil para realizar trading, nada de lixo, nada de publicidade".

Além disso, no novo build foram liberados os períodos W1 (semanal) e MN (mensal), foi realizado o processo de internacionalização e localização para idiomas tanto grego como português e foi adicionado um acompanhamento sonoro, ao realizar operações de negociação. Claro, foram corregidos os erros das versões anteriores.

O termo "móvel" para MetaTrader 5 Android não faz referência a algo "diminuído", pois o dispositivo aborda completamente os recursos da versão desktop. Baixe o último build e avalie todas estas inovações; o botão para valorar o dispositivo agora encontra-se na guia "About" e também possui um novo visual. 

Atenção: o suporte para dispositivos com sistema operativo Android desatualizado (inferior a 4.0) deixou de funcionar, mas o build anterior da MetaTrader 5 Android não tem sido excluído e está disponível para ser baixado no Google Play ou no site oficial da MetaTrader 5.

É muito provável que essas dramáticas alterações aguardem em breve pela a MetaTrader 4 Android, a atualização deve ser liberada no próximo mês. Acompanhe as nossas notícias.

26 novembro 2014

MetaTrader 5 Android build 990

Última atualização: Update for Android 4.0 and later. Support for the older Android versions application is terminated, but it is still available for download.

MetaTrader 5 Android build 990