MetaTrader 5 Client Terminal build 286

Últimas actualizaciones: Terminal: Optimized the drawing of a large number of graphic objects. Terminal: Fixed the settings of the graphic object Chart

18 junio 2010

  1. Terminal: Optimized the drawing of a large number of graphic objects.
  2. Terminal: Fixed the settings of the graphic object Chart.
  3. Terminal: Fixed the settings of selecting the time periods of displaying the graphic objects.
  4. Terminal: Fixed the error in the clearing of user data during the deletion of an account in the Navigator window.
  5. Terminal: Added the defragmentation of history databases files.
  6. Terminal: Added the binding of the objects’ anchor points, to the extremum during its magneting. During the magneting of the trend line to the maximum or minimum of the bar, the date of the binding point is indicated by the time of the minute bar, which corresponds to the maximal (minimal) value. This way, the trend is preserved when switched from a larger to a smaller timeframe.
  7. Terminal: When inputting your personal data into the 'Opening Account' window, the postal code (ZIP) field is made optional.
  8. Terminal: Fixed the errors in the ordering of charts through the commands: Cascade, Tile Horizontally, and Tile Vertically.
  9. Terminal: Fixed an error in the display of the context menu of trading history.
  10. MQL5: Added the SERIES_LASTBAR_DATE property of historical data: it indicates the opening time of the last bar of the specified symbol and period.
  11. MQL5: Added the OBJ_NO_PERIODS constant of graphic objects visibility: it indicates that the graphic object should be hidden at all periods. The constant OBJ_ALL_PERIODS now has the value of 0xffffffff (-1).






    The object is not drawn in all timeframes






    The object is drawn in all timeframes

  12. MQL5: Removed the default addition of spaces, during the output of numbers, in the Print function.
  13. MQL5: Added the HistorySelectByPosition function - request of the orders and deals from history by the position ID.
  14. MetaTester: Added the 'Open prices only' testing mode – by the bar opening prices of the test period, in addition to the 'Every Tick' and '1 Minute OHLC' modes.
  15. MetaTester: Added a calculation of swaps for testing, based on the current symbol settings of the trade server.
  16. MetaTester: Fixed a time error, which arose in the TimeCurrent function during the first call of OnInit - now it returns to the testing starting time, instead of to a zero value.
  17. MetaEditor: Added the CodeBase tab, showing Expert Advisors, scripts, and indicators, published at the MQL5 site. The options of filtering by category, the possibility of downloading, and automatic compilation are available.
  18. MetaEditor: Added fields for searching by files, Articles, and CodeBase to the search field of the toolbar.