MetaTrader 5 Trading Terminal build 555

Última atualização: Fixed checking of a selected symbol when opening a new order placing dialog

2 dezembro 2011

Trading Terminal

  1. Fixed checking of a selected symbol when opening a new order placing dialog.
  2. Fixed adding of a symbol into the selection list when subscribing to the Depth of Market when you switch to another account.
  3. Fixed and optimized scanning for available servers when opening a demo account.
  4. Optimized and accelerated initial initialization and switching between accounts.
  5. Expanded connection checking when receiving information about the amount of funds available on an MQL5 account.
  6. Fixed loss of positions of the terminal bars after start of a debugger.
  7. Fixed drawing of boundaries of an indicator's vertical scale for small window size.
  8. Terminal: Fixed forming of the list of substitution of available symbols in Market Watch.
  9. Fixed setting of order expiration time in the dialogs of pending order placing and modification.
  10. Redesigned the dialog of placing market orders in the Exchange Execution mode.
  11. Added showing of information about the public part of the client certificate for the extended authorization mode.
  12. Fixed calculation of order execution price based on the bid volume in the Depth of Market.


  1. Changed version of .ex5 files. All MQL5 programs must be recompiled.
  2. Fixed errors in operation of dynamic arrays.
  3. Fixed release of an array after a failed call of MarketBookGet.
  4. Fixed setting of the last error after a call of OrderCheck.
  5. Fixed an error that caused the removal of an Expert Advisor in case creation of the indicator used in it failed.
  6. Fixed call of the parametric constructor of the static variable of a function.
  7. Fixed optimization of inline functions.
  8. Standard Library: Added a new set of classes for creating dialogs and display panels MQL5 programs.

Strategy Tester

  1. Added use of a single history database by agents of one computer to reduce the volume of downloaded history. The common database is located in the bases directory near the agents data directories.
  2. Optimized work with the history database - reduced the number of disk accesses.
  3. Enhanced logging agent to connect through a proxy MQL5 Cloud.
  4. Optimized work with the history in the tester agent.
  5. Modified algorithm of task distribution among the servers of the MQL5 Cloud.
  6. Optimized distribution of testing tasks among the servers of the MQL5 Cloud during genetic optimization.
  7. Fixed initialization of cross symbols during repeated testing.
  8. Fixed cleanup of a testing file buffer.
  9. Optimized use of traffic by tester agents when working with MQL5 Cloud.
  10. Added information about the number of a pass during export of optimization results in XML.
  11. Extended check of the availability of funds when using the MQL5 Cloud.
  12. Fixed errors that could result in the appearance of different testing results on different agents.


  1. MetaEditor: Fixed setting of debug points.
  2. MetaEditor: Optimized work of MetaAssist.

Fixed errors reported on the forum and in crash logs.
Updated documentation.

The live update is available through the LiveUpdate system.

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