MetaTrader 5 Trading Terminal build 521

O que há de novo no MetaTrader 5?

12 outubro 2011

  1. Trading Terminal: Fixed a dialog with the form for entering the account details.
  2. Trading Terminal: Fixed terminal crash when compressing a news database.
  3. Trading Terminal: Fixed saving of new servers when they are added in the new account dialog.
  4. MQL5: Fixed handling of parametric macro.
  5. MetaTester: Fixed crash of testing agents in some cases.
  6. MetaTester: Added update of a link in the list of agents in case authorization state or balance changes.
  7. MetaTester: Expanded logs of the testing agent.
  8. Fixed errors reported on the forum and in crash logs.
  9. Updated documentation.

The live update is available through the LiveUpdate system.

The MetaTrader 5 Trading Terminal can be downloaded at