MetaTrader 5 Client Terminal build 290

Última atualização: Terminal: Fixed update of several copies of the client terminal started on one computer

29 junho 2010

  1. Terminal: Fixed update of several copies of the client terminal started on one computer.
  2. Terminal: Fixed work with NTLM authorization when a proxy server is used.
  3. Terminal: Fixed the drawing of graphic objects.
  4. Terminal: Fixed errors in the dialog of pending order placing.
  5. Terminal: Fixed logging of terminal operations when modifying and deleting of pending orders.
  6. Terminal: Fixed size of symbols when drawing indicators in the style DRAW_ARROW.
  7. Terminal: Revised reports of the trading history.
  8. Terminal: Fixed error of displaying a selected access point.
  9. MQL5: Fixed methods of the function of accessing data of quoting and trading sessions of a symbol SymbolInfoSessionQuote and SymbolInfoSessionTrade.
  10. MQL5: Added parameters of a trade symbol SYMBOL_START_TIME and SYMBOL_EXPIRATION_TIME (in function SymbolInfoInteger).
  11. MQL5: Added the position parameter POSITION_IDENTIFIER (in function PositionGetInteger).
  12. MQL5: Fixed errors reported on forum and in crash logs.
  13. MetaTester: Added the drawing of a 2D diagram of optimization results, which shows the testing results using a gradient fill.
  14. MetaTester: Added showing of a required number of optimization steps on the tab of testing parameters.
  15. MetaTester: Fixed the modification of pending orders during testing.
  16. MetaTester: Fixed auto-scroll support in the list of optimization results.
  17. MetaTester: Fixed "old ticks" messages during testing.
  18. MetaEditor: Added search on the MQL5 website through a search box on the toolbar.
  19. MetaEditor: Fixed copying and pasting from clipboard in the search box of the toolbar.