MetaTrader 5 Client Terminal build 281

O que há de novo no MetaTrader 5?

10 junho 2010

  1. Terminal: Fixed output of data of custom indicators in DataWindow.
  2. Terminal: Added management of display of trade levels in chart properties, which is available from the user interface and MQL5 (CHART_SHOW_TRADE_LEVELS).
  3. Terminal: Fixed calculation of the scale of a tick chart.
  4. Terminal: Fixed errors in update of history data caches for a day and month timeframes.
  5. Terminal: Fixed errors in synchronization of history data caches.
  6. Terminal: Introduced additional checks of integrity of history data.
  7. Terminal: Fixed construction of week bars with quotes falling on the weekend.
  8. Terminal: Fixed construction of history data caches.
  9. Terminal: Fixed adding of levels in indicators and graphical objects.
  10. Terminal: In the terminal properties, added function "Select objects after creation".
  11. Terminal: Fixed processing of parameters of the iCustom indicator.
  12. Terminal: Fixed terminal freezing during the initial download of history data.
  13. Terminal: Added export of report of the trade account state, in Open XML format (MS Office Excel 2007).
  14. MetaTester: Added testing mode "1 Minute OHLC" on OHLC prices of minute bars, in addition to the "Every Tick" mode.
  15. MetaTester: Fixed completion of optimization on slow single core computers.
  16. MetaTester: Added restriction on number of runs of the forward testing.
  17. MQL5: Added removing of an Expert Advisor from the chart when creation of a custom indicator fails.
  18. MQL5: Fixed errors reported on forum and in crash logs.