MetaTrader 5 Trading Terminal build 597

MetaTrader 5新功能

23 二月 2012

Trading Terminal

  1. Fixed display of swap calculation mode in symbol specification.
  2. Fixed resetting of current prices in Market Watch for changed symbol parameters.
  3. Fixed placing of pending orders in an empty Market Depth.
  4. Fixed saving of SL and TP of a position for one-click trading.


  1. Added the pressed state of the "Download" button when downloading a file.


  1. Option "Allow DLL" moved to the "Dependencies" page.
  2. Fixed calling of functions from DLL.
  3. Added a property of MQL5 programs - #property icon. It is used to specify the application icon in the MQL5 Market.
  4. Added error ERR_FILE_WRITEERROR.
  5. Fixed an error in the ObjectGetValueByTime() function.
  6. Standard Library. Fixed the CList::Insert method.
  7. MQL5: Standard Library. Fixed the CExpertSignal::Direction method.
  8. Standard Library. Fixed methods CSpreadBuffer::RefreshCurrent, CTimeBuffer::RefreshCurrent, CTickVolumeBuffer::RefreshCurrent, CRealVolumeBuffer::RefreshCurrent.
  9. Standard Library. Fixed an error in the example of the custom indicator RSI.

Strategy Tester

  1. Fixed testing and optimization of Expert Advisors downloaded from the Market, using agents with different bitness.
  2. Fixed errors that could appear when switching to a different account opened on the same trade server.
  3. Fixed change of location of panels in a collapsed application window.


  1. Enabled support of MQL5 Storage, a personal MQL5 source codes storage designed for the versioned storing of files and managing projects directly from MetaEditor 5 in a handy manner. Check the "Use MQL5 Storage" box in your profile to start using the storage.

    MQL5 Storage

  2. Added the "Journal" tab in the toolbar.
  3. Fixed search in the Code Base section.
  4. Added an option for downloading examples from the Code Base in search results.
  5. Added a keyboard shortcut Ctrl+W for closing a source code window.

Fixed errors reported on the forum and in crash logs.
Updated documentation.

The live update is available through the LiveUpdate system.

The MetaTrader 5 Trading Terminal can be downloaded at