MetaTrader 5 Client Terminal build 353

MetaTrader 5の何が新しくなったのか

4 11月 2010

  1. Terminal: Fixed display of deals in the trading history.
  2. Terminal: Fixed drawing of indicators and custom indicators using histograms.
  3. Terminal: Optimized operation of the access points scanner for working with a proxy server.
  4. Terminal: Fixed displaying of the context menu of the trading window when working in the investor mode.
  5. MQL5: Added a function for comparing strings - StringCompare.
  6. MQL5: Fixed checking of a set line width for custom indicators.
  7. MQL5: Updated the standard library.
  8. Tester: Fixed the error that caused termination of testing on computers with processors that have no SSE 3 support.
  9. Tester: Fixed processing of the testing start date which is outside the existing history.
  10. Tester: Fixed checking of the volume of available history before the start of testing.
  11. Fixed errors reported on the forum and in crash logs.
The live update will be available through the LiveUpdate system.