MetaTrader 5 Client Terminal build 404

MetaTrader 5新功能

24 二月 2011

  1. Terminal: Fixed enabling/disabling of a signal in the dialog of signal setting.
  2. MQL5: Fixed slowdown in the absence of incoming values for custom indicators.
  3. MQL5: Added forced redrawing of a chart when navigating from scripts and Expert Advisors.
  4. MQL5: Updated the Standard Library - fixed an error in the CString::Reverse method.
  5. MetaTester: Fixed the generation of optimization cache.
  6. MetaTester: Fixed am error in the file cache of the testing agent.
  7. MetaTester: Fixed transmission of an Expert Advisor to a testing agent in case the Expert Advisor has changed.
  8. MetaEditor: Fixed memory leaks when working with snippets.
  9. MetaEditor: Fixed saving of files that are open in the browser in the MQL5 directory.
  10. MetaEditor: Optimized editing and compilation of large mq5 files.
  11. Fixed errors reported on the forum and in crash logs.