MetaTrader 5 Client Terminal build 358

发布说明: Terminal: Removed drawing of descriptions of graphic objects of calendar events

22 十一月 2010

  1. Terminal: Removed drawing of descriptions of graphic objects of calendar events.
  2. Terminal: Fixed placing of SL and TP in the trade dialogs at position turn.
  3. Terminal: Fixed selection of a server in the dialog of demo account opening.
  4. Terminal: Optimized loading of graphic objects when opening a chart.
  5. Terminal: Optimized adding of tester deals history in a chart.
  6. Terminal: Optimized drawing of the OBJ_EDIT object.
  7. MQL5: Fixed error with input parameters of the COLOR and uint type.
  8. MQL5: Added methods for managing indicators on a chart: ChartIndicatorDelete, ChartIndicatorName, ChartIndicatorsTotal.
  9. MQL5: In the standard library, fixed the DeleteRange method in the classes of dynamic arrays.
  10. MQL5: Fixed the CTrade class in the standard library.
  11. Tester: Added export and import of the list of remote testing agents.
  12. Tester: In the testing journal, in addition to the performance rating now the information on the agent computer configuration is shown.
  13. Tester: Changed displaying of string parameters of testing.
  14. Tester: To optimize testing, the Stop Out check is performed once a minute (at the testing time), not for every tick.
  15. Tester: Fixed the algorithm of distribution of tasks to agents during optimization. Tasks are distributed only to successfully connected agents.
  16. Tester: Fixed generation of OnTimer events.
  17. MetaEditor: In addition to Enter, now the Space key can be used for selecting functions in the auto substitution menu.
  18. MetaEditor: Fixed downloading of files from - earlier downloaded files are not deleted in case of connection loss.
  19. MetaEditor: Fixed moving to the line with the error description after compilation.
  20. Fixed errors reported on the forum and in crash logs.