MetaTrader 5 Client Terminal build 298

MetaTrader 5の何が新しくなったのか

27 7月 2010

  1. Terminal: Removed magnetism when dragging a graphical object by its central point.
  2. Terminal: Fixed the client terminal start from the command line when specifying the relative path for the configuration file.
  3. MQL5: Added new properties: ACCOUNT_LIMIT_ORDERS and ACCOUNT_LIMIT_VOLUME for setting restrictions to trading - Account Information.
  4. MQL5: When clicking on a graphical object, the cursor coordinates are passed to the OnChartEvent() event handler, together with the object name.
  5. MetaTester: Introduced a prohibition of loading the debug version of an Expert Advisor for testing.
  6. MetaTester: Corrected calculation of the Sharpe ratio when calculating statistics on the testing results.
  7. MetaTester: Added automatic opening of a chart with indicators and deals after the test run, if there have been any deals.
  8. MetaTester: Fixed navigation through deals in the chart opened upon testing results.
  9. MetaTester: Fixed display of a deal on the chart, when a position is closed partially.
  10. Fixed errors reported on the forum and in crash logs.