MetaTrader 5 Client Terminal build 294

最新のアップデート: Terminal: Fixed saving of data and the location of windows at the shutdown of the operating system

20 7月 2010

  1. Terminal: Fixed saving of data and the location of windows at the shutdown of the operating system.
  2. Terminal: In the Navigator added showing of the number of available Expert Advisors, scripts and indicators in the Code Base section of
  3. Terminal: Revised the mechanism of object magneting - now point time binding is always performed with a minute precision, which saves layouts when switching to smaller timeframes.
  4. Terminal: Revised the account opening window - now you can add addresses of trade servers.
  5. Terminal: Fixed the calculation of the maximum and minimum of the scale of indicators drawn in a separate window.
  6. Terminal: Added support of standard hotkeys in the HTML editor of emails in the internal mail system.
  7. MetaEditor: In the 64-bit version, fixed switching to the terminal by pressing the F4 key.
  8. MQL5: Improved the performance of the 64-bit version.
  9. MQL5: Fixed error with the return of a structure from a function by value.
  10. MQL5: Changed the value returned by the SERIES_BARS_COUNT symbol property - now it always returns the available number of bars, irrespective of the maximum set in the terminal settings.
  11. Tester: Increased the speed of optimization.
  12. Tester: Added display of indicators used by the Expert Advisor when displaying the chart of testing results (in the 'Open Chart' command of testing results).
  13. Tester: Added displaying of messages about the mismatch of versions of EX5 files.
  14. Tester: Fixed scrolling of the list of parameters when during testing.
  15. Tester: Fixed the completion of the agent operation in case of an error during the launch of testing.
  16. Fixed errors reported on the forum and in crash logs.