MetaTrader 5 Client Terminal build 271

MetaTrader 5新功能

7 五月 2010

  1. Terminal: Fixed error of dragging unselected graphical objects.
  2. Terminal: Fixed setup dialogs of graphical objects Label and Text.
  3. Terminal: Fixed the custom indicator drawing mode DRAW_SECTION.
  4. Terminal: Fixed display of a trade dialog if an untraded symbol is selected in default settings.
  5. Terminal: Added support of Google Mail in email sending.
  6. Terminal: Fixed calculation of distances toll graphical objects.
  7. Terminal: Fixed drawing of anchor points of graphical objects at large price values.
  8. Terminal: Added changing the symbol of an open chart by dragging from the list of open positions.
  9. Terminal: Fixed error in saving of a graphical object creation date.
  10. MetaTester: Fixed testing parameters management.
  11. MetaTester: Fixed output to the testing journal.
  12. MetaTester: Fixed start of a testing agent.
  13. MetaTester: Fixed hangup at genetic optimization.
  14. MetaTester: Added display of the optimization progress in the status bar of the tester panel.
  15. MetaTester: Fixed incorrect start of the forward testing after optimization stop.
  16. MQL5: Updated the standard MQL5 library.
  18. MQL5: Fixed errors reported on Forum and in crash logs.