MetaTrader 5 Trading Terminal build 619

Release Notes: Added new display mode of volumes "Amount" for forex instruments in the Depth of Market

23 mars 2012

Trading Terminal

  1. Added new display mode of volumes "Amount" for forex instruments in the Depth of Market. The new mode allows you to see requests in lots and in the quoted currency.

    Added new display mode of volumes Amount for forex instruments

  2. In the dialogs of properties of Bitmap and Bitmap Label, added tooltips to show long paths of image files.


  1. Added new methods FrameAdd, FrameFirst, FrameNext and FrameInputs, allowing testing agents to pass their own custom data frames to the terminal and allowing the terminal to read them.

    With the new methods you can implement distributed computing to produce results in any convenient form, and not only in the form of one or more numeric values. By connecting to the MQL5 Cloud Network, you can solve any distributed tasks in MQL5, not necessarily, however, related to the financial markets.

  2. Added new entry points OnTesterInit, OnTesterDeinit and OnTesterPass. During the optimization of an Expert Advisor with these entry points, a chart to attach the EA to is created in the terminal. When a new data frame is received from testing agents, OnTesterPass is called, in which the received data can be read and analyzed. A detailed description is available in the documentation.

  3. Added new method ResourceCreate, which allows to create a resource of an image in the memory based on the array of the description of pixels. The created resource can be assigned to graphical objects Bitmap and Bitmap Label. A detailed description is available in the documentation.

    New features allow MQL5 programs to analyze the environment in which they run, and based on this make decisions about the use of various resources. These properties will be useful in complex Expert Advisors that require large amounts of resources. Now, during the optimization of such an Expert Advisor in the MQL5 Cloud Network, you can implement checks of available memory of an agent in the EA's OnInit, and in case of a potential shortage of memory not to start the testing process. Also, to make access to new properties easier, added the CTerminalInfo class. A detailed description is available in the documentation.

  5. Fixed optimizer error, which could result in incorrect calculations with floating point.
  6. Fixed the terminal crash error which occurred when using exceptions inside its own DLL in Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows Server 2008.
  7. Standard Library. Added a new class CTerminalInfo for accessing the new properties of the Expert Advisor environment.
  8. Standard Library. Fixed an error of self-deletion of an indicator in the CAppDialog::CreateIndicator method.
  9. Standard Library. The BackGround method has been renamed to Background in control objects.

Strategy Tester

  1. Changed the operation of the testing method "on open prices". As before, OnTick of an Expert Advisor runs only at the opening of the bar, but instead of M1 OHLC ticks, high, low and close states the tested bar are used. Due to this, stops and pending orders may trigger at a price different from the stated one. This has led to a multiple acceleration of tests.
  2. Increased the total speed of optimization.
  3. The algorithm of checking restrictions on the aggregate positions volume now exactly matches that used on the server.
  4. Enabled checks for large values of tick volumes ​during generation. If the minute tick volume exceeds 2000, then tick simulation step increases proportionately. The accuracy of price modeling remains the same.


  1. In the log of changes of the MQL5 Storage you now can revert changes to a certain revision.

    In the log of changes of the MQL5 Storage you now can revert changes to a certain revision

  2. Fixed an error in case-insensitive search in the Code Base and articles for the Russian language.
  3. In the Navigator, added the display of .h and .cpp files.
  4. Fixed errors reported on the forum and in crash logs.
    Updated documentation.

The live update is available through the LiveUpdate system.

The MetaTrader 5 Trading Terminal can be downloaded at