MetaTrader 5 Client Terminal build 265

Mises à jour : MetaTrader 5

23 avril 2010

  1. Terminal: Fixed errors in processing of price history.
  2. Terminal: Fixed cursors for Elliott Tools graphic objects.
  3. Terminal: Fixed an error in cacluation of built-in TEMA indicator.
  4. Terminal: Added additional checkings for the calculation of graphic objects distance.
  5. MQL5: An error №259 is replaced by warning №26 - "(too large local variables size (more than 512kb))".
  6. MQL5: Added a new property TERMINAL_LANGUAGE (terminal interface language) to the ENUM_TERMINAL_INFO_INTEGER enumeration.
  7. MQL5: Fixed a passing of strings by reference.
  8. MQL5: Fixed crashlog errors and errors reported at Forum.