Private Monitoring Included in Trading Signals

Nouvelles: By popular demand of traders, we have launched the new private monitoring service

21 août 2013

By popular demand of traders, we have launched the new private monitoring service. Now, while creating a new signal, you can restrict access to it, so that the entire trading statistics is visible only to you. No one else will be able to access that data or subscribe to that signal.

If you want to track the status of your accounts in private mode without revealing the details of your trading strategy, then the private monitoring is what you need!

Private Monitoring Included in Trading Signals

Of course, you can allow access to your trading signal at any time. You do not have to provide your personal data when creating a private signal, as it is not intended for sale. Therefore, any user can connect the private monitoring to his or her account right now!

Another piece of good news: Growth tab has been updated in the signal's statistics. Now, it additionally shows the growth of funds for the specified time interval - month or year. This allows a more detailed assessment of the signal's reliability in trading. Thus, you can immediately determine how successful the Signals Provider was during a particular month or year.

Growth Tab

But that is not all. In the near future, users of the social trading service will get new opportunities. Follow the news!