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Trading accounts can be managed in this section. To open the section, tap on the currently connected account in platform settings.

The details of the current connected account are displayed in the upper part of the screen, including the account owner's name, the account number, the server name, the current balance, the leverage and account type, i.e. whether it is hedging or netting.

The list of all previously used accounts is displayed below. Information about the owner, server, leverage and the last known balance is also shown for each account.

Account Management #

Each account that is used for connection is saved in the list. In order to connect to the account, tap on its line.

To open a new account or to connect using a previously opened account tap on New Account.

To remove an account from the list, swipe its line from right to left. Then tap "Delete".


Managing Passwords #

MetaTrader 5 for iPhone allows changing trading account passwords, as well as deleting previously saved ones. Connect to an account and tap on "Change Password" at the top of the screen. This opens the list of available operations with passwords. See "Managing Passwords" for more information.