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Account Monitoring

To access extended trading reports, register your account in the Signals service. The system provides extended statistics, growth charts, real-time profit graphs and drawdown data – all you need for the advanced analysis of your trading performance. Furthermore, you can share your trading results with potential investors and sell your signal subscriptions to other traders enabling them to copy your deals.

Connection to monitoring can be securely established in just a few minutes. You do not provide your account's main password to the system. Instead, you will use an investor password with account read-only permissions, without an ability to perform trading operations.

Select "Account monitoring" from the mobile platform menu. This will open the account connecting page:

Connecting an account to monitoring

Your current account number and server name are automatically substituted into the form. You only need to specify your signal name and an investor password, as well as select the monitoring purpose:

  • Private signal for account monitoring – trading reports will only available to you. You can use it to analyze your trading results.
  • Public signal – your trading statistics can be viewed by visitors. With this option, you can share results with other traders as well as sell subscription for copy trading.

Specify the parameters, accept the service rules and tap "Add". This will open the page of the newly created signal, on which your detailed trading statistics will appear in a minute. All connected accounts are featured under the separate "My signals" section.

Extended trading reports

If you do not have an account yet, you will need to create it before connecting to monitoring.

You can find out more about the Signals service in the desktop platform documentation.