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This tab displays the history of deals on the trading account.


The history of deals is also displayed in a table with the following fields:

  • Time – time of the deal. The record is represented as YYYY.MM.DD HH:MM ( hour:minute);
  • Deal – ticket number (a unique identifier) of a deal.
  • ID – the ID of a deal in an external trading system;
  • Order – ticket number (a unique identifier), the trade was executed on. Several deals can correspond to one order, if the required volume specified in the order was not covered by one market offer;
  • Symbol – a financial instrument of the deal.
  • Type – type of a trade operation: "Buy" – a buy deal, "Sell" – a sell deal. There can be a situation when a previously executed deal is canceled. In this case, the type of the previously performed deal is changed to Canceled buy or Canceled sell, and its profit/loss is reset to zero. Previously gained profit/loss is deposited/withdrawn from an account in a separate balance operation;
  • Direction – direction of the deal relative to the current position on a particular symbol: "in", "out" or "in/out".
  • Volume – volume of an executed deal (in lots or units).
  • Price – the deal was executed at;
  • Commission – commission charged for the deal execution. The commission value is displayed in this field only in case of immediate commission charging after the execution of a deal. Commission may also be configured so that its value is accumulated within a day/month and is then withdrawn from the account by a single balance deal. In that case, its value is not displayed for each deal. The value accumulated during a day/month is displayed in the account status bar. The way commission is charged is regulated by a broker;
  • Profit – the financial result of the position exiting. For entry deals, zero profit is shown.

In the bottom line, the result of deal execution relative to the initial deposit is shown:

  • Credit – amount credited by the brokerage company;
  • Deposit – deposit of the account (the sum of balance type operations with a positive value);
  • Withdrawal – amount withdrawn from the account (the sum of balance type operations with a negative value).
  • Balance – the current account balance.

Common profit/loss for all deals is displayed at the end of the line.

  • The list can be sorted by any of the deal parameters. To sort the list, tap on the header of the required column.
  • Using button toolbox_resize_button at the left side of the top panel, you can change the size of the Toolbox window. Tap and hold on it and select the desired height of the window.
  • Using buttonsFilter by symbolandFilter by timein the right part of the top panel, you can filter the list of displayed deals by symbols and lifetime.

A short tap on the deal line allows viewing detailed information on it.

Information about the deal