MetaEditor Help



MetaEditor allows programmers to remotely develop MQL4/MQL5 applications in teams using Projects.

Teamwork is performed via MQL5 Storage. It means that a user should have an active account on and connect to MQL5 Storage.

Working with projects enjoys all advantages of MQL5 Storage:

  • Secure storage of source codes. In case of a hard drive failure, the local copy of the codes can be quickly retrieved from the storage.
  • Access to the storage from any PC. You can log in MetaEditor using your account and access the project from any PC.

Access to each project is set only by a project author (a user who created it). No one else can access the project without an author's permission.

Projects folder

Projects folder in MQL4 or MQL5 directory has been implemented for common projects. It is shown in blue in Navigator.

Despite the fact that Projects folder is located inside MQL4/MQL5, the projects are located separately from the user's personal directory (< account>/MQL5). All projects are stored in a separate section

Creating a Project

The top-level directory in Projects folder is considered to be a project. Therefore, a new folder should be created in Projects section to create a project.Use "New Folder New Folder" option to create the new folder, select it and click "Create Project Create Project".

The project will be created. Reports on successful project creation will be displayed in MetaEditor's journal.

Now, you can work with the project like with any conventional folder assigned to MQL5 Storage: add, edit, update files, view changes, etc.

Assigning Access Rights to the Project

To start a teamwork on a project, you should allow other users to access it. Click "Add Permission Add Permission" in the context menu of the created project folder.

Assigning rights to the project

To provide another user the access to the project, click "add new user Add new user". Specify the user's login (account) on Set the type of granted rights in "Right" field:

  • r — read-only. The user will be able to download the project files from the storage but he or she will not be able to upload changed files back.
  • rw — read and edit. The user will be able to make any changes and upload changed project files to the storage.

Click "ОК" to assign the rights.

Access to each project is set only by a project author (a user who created it).

Participation in Projects

If it is the first time you work with the projects, execute "Checkout from Storage Checkout from Storage" command in the context menu of "Projects" folder. The projects will be uploaded from the storage. All further operations with them are similar to the ones with conventional files assigned to MQL5 Storage. You can add, edit, update files and folders, view changes, etc.

Further on, use "Update from Storage Update from Storage" command either for the entire Project folder or for separate subfolders or files to receive changes from other users.

After inserting all changes to project files, upload them to the storage using "Commit to Storage Commit to Storage" command.

  • If a project does not have any files or folders, it will not be downloaded to the local working copy when executing "Checkout from Storage Checkout from Storage" and "Update from Storage Update from Storage" commands.
  • The system of merging changes can be applied when working with projects.