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Code Base

Code Base

The headings of all MQL4/MQL5 programs published in the "Code Base" section of the website are displayed in this tab.

Code Base

The "Code Base" section is a vast storage of various programs written in MQL4/MQL5. All programs are displayed as a table:

  • Name — name of a MQL4/MQL5 application. Icons at the beginning of rows display application types;
  • Description — the short description of a program;
  • Rating — the rating given to a program by the users of
  • Date — date of publication of an application in the Code Base.

In order to view the detailed information about a program at the website, left-click on it. To download a program, execute the "Download Download" command in its context menu.

  • The file of a program is downloaded to a subfolder of the /MQL4 or /MQL5 directory in accordance with the program category. For example, all Expert Advisors are saved in the /MQL5/Experts (or /MQL4/Experts) folder.
  • MQL4/MQL5 programs are automatically compiled  after downloading.

Categories of Programs

All the programs are divided into several categories that are displayed with the corresponding icons:

  • Expert Advisor — Expert Advisors;
  • Indicator — indicators;
  • Script — scripts;
  • Library — libraries.

You can select categories to be displayed in the "Code Base" tab, using the context menu.

Context Menu

The context menu of this section allows to execute the following commands:

  • View View — view a selected program;
  • Refresh Refresh — refresh the list of programs;
  • Download Download — download a selected program to the computer;
  • Search Search — execution of this commands moves the focus to the search field and selects the option of searching in Code Base;
  • Categories — open the submenu of choosing the categories of programs to be displayed in the tab;
  • Auto Arrange — enable/disable the automatic setup of the column size. The same action can be performed by pressing the "A" key;
  • Grid — show/hide grid to separate fields. The same action can be performed by pressing the "G" key.