MetaEditor Hilfe


This tab contains general settings of a source code editing: tab size, autocomplete, names substitution, etc.


The following parameters are represented in this window:

  • Tab Size — the number of characters inserted when pressing the "Tab" key;
  • Insert Spaces — enable/disable the substitution of tab symbols with the spaces;
  • Show line numbers — enable/disable numeration of lines in the code editing window;
  • Auto Indent — enable/disable the mode of automatic indenting when moving to the next line in accordance with the previous one;
  • Auto Parameter Info — enable/disable the mode of automatic opening of a tip with the function signature when typing it;
  • Auto List Names — enable/disable the mode of automatic opening of a scrolling list that contains the names of built in and user functions when typing the first letters of function names;
  • List Names After "n" Characters — the number of symbols; they being typed, the auto list of names will be opened;
  • Insert () and Closing } ] ) ' " — the automatic inserting of brackets after functions and closing brackets and quotes when opening ones are typed;
  • Highlight current line — if this option is enabled, the current code line in the window of editing is highlighted with the grey background;
  • Highlight matching brackets — if this option is enabled, the background of matching brackets is highlighted once you put the mouse cursor between them.

It is recommended not to disable the "Insert Spaces" option to preserve the source code formatting when it is moved to other editors.