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Starting MetaEditor

Starting MetaEditor

You can open MetaEditor:

from the client terminal

  • execute the "MetaQuotes Language Editor MetaQuotes Language Editor" command of the "Tools" menu or the "Standard" toolbar;
  • press the F4 key;
  • execute the "Create Create" or "Modify Modify" command of the context menu in the "Navigator" window in sections of Expert Advisors, indicators or scripts.

from the "Start" menu

  • open the "Start" menu and select the client terminal sub-group in the "Programs" section. Select "MetaEditor in this group and open it.

Start Mode

Like the client terminal, MetaEditor can be opened in a main and in a guest mode. The distinction of the guest mode is the location of all variable files of MetaEditor separately from permanent ones.

If MetaEditor is started from the trade terminal, the mode of starting is the same as that of the terminal. The guest mode is used when the terminal is installed to a system folder (OS folder, Program Files ) in the following situations:

Below Microsoft Windows Vista:

  • If a user is not allowed to write data to the system folders.

Microsoft Windows Vista and Above:

  • If a user is not allowed to write data to the system folders;
  • If a user has the UAC (User Account Control) system enabled.

Also MetaEditor runs in the guest mode if a user logs in the system using remote connection (RDP, Remote Desktop Protocol).

  • The reason for the absence of files in the "Navigator" window can be incorrect mode of MetaEditor start. During the usual start data are requested from the folder where the executable file is stored, while in the guest mode they are requested from the user's system folder.
  • To force the use of the guest mode, start the MetaEditor from the command line with the /portable key. For example: D:\MetaEditor.exe /portable.