MetaEditor Hilfe


In order to start the setting up of the toolbar, one should execute the "Customize" command of its context menu. The following window will be opened:

Customizing the Toolbar

For adding buttons to the toolbar, move them from the left side to the right one. You can do it in the following ways: double-click on a button, select a button and press "Add", drag a button (Drag'n'Drop). In order to remove a button from the toolbar one should move it from the right side to the left one using one of the methods mentioned above. Using the "Up" and "Down" buttons you can change the order of displaying of buttons at the toolbar. By pressing the "Reset" button one can return to default settings.

There is a separating line among the buttons of the toolbar. One can divide the buttons at the toolbar by adding it.

If you delete all buttons from the list of selected ones and close the window of customizing the toolbar, the default set of commands will be restored.