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Common Data

Common Data

Different types of applications can be created in the MetaEditor: Expert Advisors, indicator, scripts, libraries and include files. The workpieces of these applications can be automatically created by template using the MQL4/MQL5 Wizard.

The programming purpose is to ease a trader's life and also to expand the facilities of the client terminal. The following aims can be achieved using the programs:

  • The automation of different processes connected with trading and analysis to a degree that a developer requires;
  • The reduction of the emotional impact up to its full elimination when trading;
  • The expansion of the terminal features. The client terminal obviously meets more than 80% of traders' needs. The possibility of programming in the MQL4/MQL5 language is directed to cover such demands almost completely.

To develop the programs that can be further run on the client terminal one should know a lot of information:

  • MQL4/MQL5
    MQL4/MQL5 is a high level language similar to C++ in its syntax. There is the reference book about that language built in the MetaEditor that allows to quickly find the necessary information about a certain function. The instructions of how to work with it are give in the corresponding section.
  • Structure of Catalogs and Files
    It is an easy but important stage to know the structure of storing of files connected with the programming in the client terminal and the correct structuring of the projects. It allows to easily orientate among files and to avoid a litter.
  • Projects
    The possibility of project creation is intended to order the storing of data. Working with projects means the placement of files that refer to the projects to their own subfolders. Those subfolders further will be recognized by the "Navigator" window of the MetaEditor and the client terminal, it will allow to avoid mixing of source files. Also it will ease the process of development.
  • Source Code Writing
    For writing the source code of programs there are different function implemented in the MetaEditor aimed at making this process easier: intellectual control, the features of searching and automatic replacement and also the automatic styling of the source code for increasing its readability.
  • Compilation
    Once the source code of a program is written it should be translated to the machine language. This process is called compilation. The result of a successful compilation is the executable file (*.EX4 or *.EX5) of the program that can be used for its designed purposes in the client terminal.
  • Debugging
    It is really hard to avoid mistakes when writing quite complex programs. The MetaEditor has a built in debugger that help to solve this problem. The step-by-step debugging with watching the values of expressions obtained at different stages of the program execution allows to complete the program to its final readiness.