iPhone/iPad版MetaTrader 5のヘルプ

Account Connection

To connect to an account, you need a login and password of a previously opened account. Two types of account access are available in the MetaTrader 5 for iPhone: master and investor. Authorization using the master password gives full rights for working with the platform. When using investor authorization, you can view the account state and analyze prices, but you cannot trade. Investor access is a convenient tool for demonstrating the trading process on the account.

If extended authorization mode is used for an account, a login (account number) and a password are not enough for access. The security certificate for that account should be additionally installed in MetaTrader 5 iPhone. More information can be found in "Extended authorization".

To connect to an account, tap New Account on the account management page. Select "Login with existing account".

New Account

Select a Server

Select a Server

At this stage, you select a server (a brokerage firm), on which your account was opened. By default, the list does not display all available servers.

In order to find the server of your broker, start typing its name into the search bar.

  • Search results are displayed after you type three characters.
  • Contact your broker to know the server name.

To select a found server, tap on its line.


Specify the following connection parameters on this stage:

  • Login – the number of the account used for connection.
  • Password – the master of investor password for the account.
  • Server – the name of the server for connection.

If you enable the "Remember password" option, the next time you will be authorized automatically without having to enter the password. If you disable it, every time you will need to type in your password again.

To log in, tap "Login" at the top of the window.

Account Connection