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MetaTester and Remote Agents

Testing and optimization of Expert Advisors is performed by agents. They are started as separate services in the operating system. The agents can be local or remote.

Local Agents

Local agents are created automatically in the computer where the client terminal is installed. The number of local agents is equal to the number of the logical cores of the processor.

Remote Agents

A remote agent is a specialized service installed on a computer and used for testing and optimizing Expert Advisors in the strategy tester. The unlimited number of such agents can be connected to a terminal. This considerably speeds up optimization, because each run is performed as a separate process on a separate agent. How to connect remote agents to the strategy tester is described in a separate section.

  • Remote agents can be connected to the global cloud computing network — MQL5 Cloud Network.
  • Remote agents can be used in 64 bit systems only.

Remote agents are installed as separate services in the operating system using the special application "metatester.exe" located in the terminal installation folder.

To save traffic and disk space, as well as for security reasons:

  • on remote agents, messages of Expert Advisors (Print() function), as well the messages about trade operations, are not recorded to the Journal;
  • DLL call is prohibited on remote agents..

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