MetaTrader 5 Android OS Help

How to Set Alert:

Push notifications can be sent to a mobile device from the desktop version of the trading platform and services.

Desktop Platform

There are two ways to send pushes from the desktop platform:

Through an MQL5 application

The special SendNotification function is available in the MQL5 language allowing an MQL5 application to send push notifications to MetaQuotes ID specified in the desktop platform settings.

Through the alerts function

The desktop version of the trading platform allows you to create alerts for notifying you about events in the market. This feature is available in the Alerts tab of the Toolbox window. One of the event notification types is push notifications.

To allow the terminal to send push notifications, open Options from the Tools menu. Next, go to the "Notifications" tab.


The notifications setup window includes the following options:

  • Enable Push notifications – enable this option to allow the desktop platform to send notifications.
  • Notify of trade transactions – the platform can automatically send notifications of all successful trade operations to the specified MetaQuotes ID. Notification of unsuccessful operations (for example, the order is rejected due to incorrect parameters) are not sent.

After you set up the options, specify one or more MetaQuotes IDs, separated by commas. To find your MetaQuotes ID, open the "Messages" page in the mobile version of the platform.

In order to keep abreast of the latest events on the, community members can choose to receive notifications of updates on the site. At the moment, by subscribing to the push notifications from, the user will receive:

  • messages about confirmation of steps in the "Freelance" service;
  • messages about completed steps of publication of a product (Proof read, Published) uploaded by the user to the "Market";
  • messages about completed steps of publication of the user's articles and source codes (Code Base).

To start receiving notifications, go to the user profile at and open contact information setup page:

User profile at

Indicate your ID in the MetaQuotes ID field. You can find it out on the "Messages" page of the mobile version of the platform.

In the "Notifications" section of the user profile at, you can select events you want to be notified of:

Configuring Notifications

Your mobile device can register MetaQuotes ID only if a valid Google account is configured on it.

Notification Receiving Setup

In MetaTrader 5 for Android settings, you can specify parameters for receiving push notifications.

The following settings are available for the messages:

  • MetaQuotes ID – your unique identifier for receiving messages.
  • Vibration – configuration of vibration when receiving push notifications: never use vibration, in silent mode only, always use vibration.
  • Notification ringtone – select a sound that will be played when a push notification is received.


Notification Settings