MetaTrader 5 Android OS Help


The "Messages" section allows viewing the history of received push notifications. To go to this section, use the application side panel that opens at a tap on Open the side panel.

Message Categories

All messages are divided into five categories:

  • Chat – instant messaging with registered members;
  • Broker – messages from your broker;
  • Terminal – messages sent from the desktop platform;
  • Community – messages from services: new comments in Freelance, change in status of your publications in Code Base, Market and Signals, announcements of new publications, etc.

The History of Messages

  • Other – other messages.

To find a message in the history, use the search bar. The search bar is located above the first message in the list, it is hidden by default. Swipe your finger across the screen from top to bottom until you see the search bar and type the text of the desired message.

If any of the categories contains unread messages, their number is displayed next to the category title.

To remove all messages from a category, swipe your finger from right to left on it, and then tap on the "Delete" button.

Notifications of new messages

New Messages

The number of new unread push messages is displayed to the right of the category name. New messages are also shown in notifications:

Reading Messages

To read a push notification, go to the required category and tap on the message in the list:

Viewing Messages

Deleting Messages

Deleting Messages

It is possible to delete single or multiple push notification. To delete one notification, open it and tap "Delete." To delete multiple pushes, tapDeleteat the top of the window. Then tick off all the messages you want to delete and once again tapDelete. To select all messages, tapSelect all.

My MetaQuotes ID

During installation of MetaTrader 5 for Android, each user is assigned a unique identifier. It is used for pushing messages to your device from a desktop version of the trading platform, as well as from services at Your ID is displayed in the bottom of the "Messages" window. A tap on it copies the ID to clipboard: